Don’t Look Down… with Andrew Grey #dreamer

June 25, 2015

As part of our ongoing #dreamer series, author Andrew Grey shares with us some insights on his traveling adventures each month.

A few years ago, Dominic and I went on our first cruise.  We were both incredibly excited.  The ship had everything, a full gym, sports court, pools, saunas, whirlpools, game area, even a rock climbing wall.  As part of my first shipboard experience I was determined to try everything.  I took part in a dodgeball tournament and let me tell you, for a gay guy that harkened back to high school terror, but I did it.  I also in line skated and played miniature golf.

But let me tell you, I also decided that somehow I was going to climb to the top of the rock wall.  So I signed what they asked me to sign and put on the climbing shoes and the harness.  Then I waited my turn.  The other guys went and I watched and then when it was my turn, they strapped the safety rope to me and I went down to the easiest climb.

Climbing gear

What surprised me was how easy it was.  I stepped and held my way up the rock wall, getting closer and closer to the bell.  I could see it above me and kept my eye on the prize.  Then I reached the bell and rang it.  I could hear the guys I was with down below yelling and cheering.  That was when I made my first mistake.  I looked down.  The guys weren’t too far away, but then I looked to the side and realized I was hundreds of feet off the water at the very top of a ship, rocking back and forth.  I had to be completely crazy.   But I had done it.  The guys yelled for me to let go and they lowered me to the deck.


Bucket List Item

Climb to the top of a ship and find out what the view was like while it rocked back and forth.  Oh yeah… and not puke.   - DONE


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