Stupid (MS)Word Tricks with Xara X. Xanakas #dreamer

June 10, 2015

We’ve all felt it.

That ‘oh, crap’ moment

That second just after your fingers got ahead of your brain and helped you out by going ahead and clicking “Don’t Save”. That cold-shower, stomach-drop of accidentally deleting half your book and then closing out. But, did you know there’s a way to get it back (in MS Word 2010 and later, at least)? Just open up a new Word document, and click ‘File’ at the top of the page.  Find the “Manage Versions” button. You should get the option to recover unsaved documents. Voilà. You’re back in business.


There are hundreds of different writing tools out there. Apps out the wazoo. Notepad, Scrivener, Growly Notes, Pages, Google Docs; the list goes on and on. And each of them have their own strengths. I’ll bounce between them all when I’m working on something, but I always seem to wind up back in ‘good’ (for a relative value) old Microsft Word. It’s the beast that’s been around forever, and while some of the updates and changes over the years have been infuriating not as helpful as they could be, there are some great features in it that you may not know about. Almost everyone uses Ctrl+C and Ctr+V (cut and paste, respectively), and the document-saving Ctrl+S (SAVE!!!!), but there are a lot more keyboard tricks up their sleeves. In fact, Lifehacker has compiled a cheatsheet of a whopping 247 keyboard shortcuts. You may never need the ‘Equation Toggle’ (Alt+=), but it’s there for all your Word problem solving needs (get it? word problems? okay, I’m done with the puns).

The more time you save fighting with your program, the more time you can spend with your head in the clouds. And that’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon.





Xara X. Xanakas decided years ago to embrace her weirdness. A friend first described her that way to the man who’s been her husband for over twenty years. That formula fits her, and she figures if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Being Texan, her crush on cowboys comes natural, but the techie in her loves to show nerds a good time. She relishes all things different, and brings saucy style to her writing. Whether wrangling a wayward ranch hand or adding another critter to her were-menagerie, Xara strives to make the outlandish appealing. She’ll make you quirk a brow and snort with laughter, and that’s all right by her. Xara believes that unique is best and happily ever after is the icing on the cookies.



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