Andrew Grey will Cruise for Food #dreamer

May 25, 2015

I love cruises. For years Dominic and I took great vacations. We went to South Dakota to see the monuments, we spent a week in New York and saw everything we could want. We’ve been to Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Schwabish Hall, Freiburg, Baden Baden. We always had a great time and we always ended up arguing over where we were going to eat. Dominic wanted to find someplace interesting and fun, so he’d go up and down each street to find something that caught his eye. Me, I was hungry and wanted to eat now!!!! There were times I swore I was going to eat the bark off the trees we passed before I got any food.

Then we discovered cruising and our problems were solved completely. We’ve been to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Croix, St Thomas, Cozumel, Barbados, Haiti, Mexico, and many other places with no arguments about food at all. The ships make it so easy. I don’t want to sound like a cruise commercial, but there’s the buffet, the main dining room, specialty restaurants, cafes, hot dog stands, ice cream, salad cafes, served lunches, buffet lunches, and enough sweets to tempt a saint. I was happy as Louie Anderson at an all you can eat buffet. Included in the price of the cruise were enough food options that Dominic was happy and I was thrilled because I never have to wander around wondering where we were going to eat.


Before we leave on any cruise, Dominic knows the menus, what will be serves each night and even what he wants to order. Or if there is nothing, what he can do to get them to make something special. (We’ve been on enough cruises now that they really want to make us happy) Cruises are my dream vacation. I get to write, relax, and never, ever wonder where in the heck my next meal is going to come from. Because let me tell you, the time we were in Munich, it was two o’clock in the afternoon, and he still couldn’t find anything he wanted to eat… was dang near grounds for divorce. And we were on our honeymoon. Not anymore. We’re both happy, well fed, and we love every minute. We embark again in January.



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  1. Marilyn Adam says:

    I have been on over 50 cruises in my 25 years as a cruise counselor and have been all over the world in my travels. It is the only way to travel! I am now retired and have so many wonderful memories. You are right that the food is outstanding but some lines are more “Gourmet” than others. I am single now and it is a safe and sure way to go almost anywhere.

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