Once Upon a Dream with Lex Chase

May 21, 2015

Hello! I’m Lex Chase, the quirky action adventure author for Dreamspinner Press. Each month, Dreamspinner is giving me the reigns to discuss what it is to be a Dreamer. As the author of the fractured fairy tale series, Fairy Tales of the Open Road, this month’s theme, “Once Upon A Dream,” is right up my alley.

The first book in the FTotOR, Americana Fairy Tale, I’ve become obsessed with Disney Princesses and their once upon a dreams and happily ever afters. But my princess is a dude by the name of Taylor Hatfield who’s a complete fuck-up of a human being.

His dreams consist of the simplistic from binging on Netflix in his Dollar Store tiara and boxer shorts….


To the more substantial with going his own way and living his life. His life is not always perfect. It can be lonely. But it’s his.


Taylor is someone we can all identify with. He’s the voice of the everyman. He’s the guy that shoots for the moon and always lands short. His “Once Upon A Dream” is the ideal of being a kept boyfriend to a Type-A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.


Not that genius billionaire playboy philanthropist…YouknowwhatImean.

But sometimes we’re so dead set on the one dream, we lose sight of the dream right in front of us. It’s when we fall short of shooting for the moon, the true discovery begins. Taylor dreamed of the billionaire. What he got was…


…A rugged fixer-upper of a huntsman that lives in his garbage dump of a pickup truck. Instead of being brainless arm candy, Taylor discovered his independence, courage, and that his true love may be disgusting, but he’s perfect.

We all have our “Once Upon A Dream” we all hold tight to it and shoot for the moon, the stars, and the universe beyond. It’s a lofty ideal. It’s good to have. It gives us hope.

But our lives are journeys. They’re not destinations. It was never about what happens when you get there. It’s about who you meet along the way, what you discover about yourself, and following the detours that lead you to the exact place you’re supposed to be.

The dream you longed for may be right in front of you.

Just open your eyes and realize you had met once upon a dream.


Tune in next month where we discover dream beaches! Wouldn’t you love to be on a deserted island with your favorite books?


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Come on now. Give me your awesome stories! I need fodder for more installments to Fairy Tales of the Open Road!


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11 Responses to “Once Upon a Dream with Lex Chase”

  1. Susan says:

    My favorite fairy tale is how the Siamese cat got its dark markings – one version is The Chinese Siamese Cat by Amy Tan.

  2. Susan says:

    It’s my favorite because CATS!

  3. Trix says:

    I always liked the Muppet version of THE FROG PRINCE (especially when Kermit tells him that there’s nothing wrong with being a frog, and sings his song of frog pride).

  4. Trix says:

    Oh, and why? Well, Kermit! Plus, Taminella Grinderfall was an impressive Muppet villainess (cute, yet pretty malevolent).

  5. Antonia says:

    I love fairy tales and Disney princesses. I think my favorite is the Disney Beauty and the Beast. I enjoy the story and the music and Belle loves to read, which made me really identify with her.

  6. H.B. says:

    I love Beauty and the Beast. The selfless acts of love,seeing past the outer shell (physical aspects) and the growth of love between opposites.

  7. Angela says:

    I love Cinderella because

    It has drama:
    a cruel stepmother and jealous stepsisters, who constantly mistreat her forcing her to work as a maid in her own home

    It has magic:
    Fairy Godmother

    Great fashion: ;)
    unique pair of glass slippers

    Last but not least:
    The handsome Prince :)

  8. Lex Chase says:

    Oh Susan! You are my people! I’m such a cat person. Cute. Adorable. And the ultimate killing machine. LOL

  9. Lex Chase says:

    Oh Trix! I think I remember that one! Also Jim Henson’s Storytellers. His version of Coat of Many Colors was my favorite. I should see if that exists on YouTube. If I remember it was bonkers and full of pretty. <3

  10. Lex Chase says:

    @Antonia and HB, oh man, Beauty and the Beast is a good one. Both appear in Americana Fairy Tale in an unexpected way. One of those “It’s so obvious, yet no way. It can’t be that!”

    I recently went to Disney World and got my copy of Americana Fairy Tale signed by the Disney Princesses. When I met Belle I told myself “I am a grown ass adult. I am too old for this. This woman is an actress. This isn’t the least bit real.” But when Belle suggested I come read the book to her and Beast in the library and I was like “O-oh-okay! :D !!!!” I totally bought that Disney Magic! LOL

  11. Lex Chase says:

    Cinderella is a good one Angela! I have plans to introduce her in the final installment of the Fairy Tales of the Open Road series. Of course in the case of the Enchants, no fairy tale character is quite the same as their traditional basis. :D It involves Pumpkin Chunkin’ to give you an idea. If you’ve never seen that, get thee to YouTube and you’ll wonder why have you missed this in your life. LOL

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