New Releases: April 29th, 2015

April 29, 2015

Just Desserts by Mary Calmes


A hinky recipe for chocolate mousse might help gallery owner Boone Walton and chef Scott Wren find the love missing from their lives.

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook


Boone Walton has tried hard to create some distance between himself and his past. He’s invested in his new life, his New Orleans art gallery, and his friendship with Scott Wren. Things finally seem to be settling down to normal, and Boone couldn’t be happier.


Chef Scott Wren wants much more than normal with Boone. He wants to raise things to the next level, but Boone is terrified—and not because of the ghost in Scott’s apartment or Scott’s relatives. No, Boone’s past is about to pay him a visit, and the only thing that can get between Boone, Scott, and a hinky recipe for chocolate mousse found in a curious cookbook is the river of pain Boone had to swim across to get to this side of The Big Easy. There’s a secret behind the ingredients, though—one that might reveal the trust and love that have been missing from Boone’s life.


Length: Novella (102p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: April 29, 2015

Buy as eBook ($3.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-861-0)








Last Dance with Mary Jane by John Goode


After Shayne’s death, Peter calls his voice mail to hear him one last time. He isn’t prepared when Shayne answers the phone.

2nd Edition


Peter was devastated when he lost his love, Shayne, in a car crash. Though he knows nothing will bring Shayne back, Peter takes solace in listening to Shayne’s voice mail, just to hear his voice one last time. He’s not prepared when one night, Shayne answers the phone.


A Bittersweet Dreams title: It’s an unfortunate truth: love doesn’t always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.


1st Edition published by Silver Publishing, 2012.


Length: Novella (60p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Bittersweet Dreams | Release Date: April 29, 2015

Buy as eBook ($3.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-928-0)










The Sea Calls My Name by Hollis Shiloh


Daniel and Leaf have more in common that a love for the sea, and their ties to the ocean may be more fantastic than they imagined.

He lost his magic. How?


Returning to the bookstore by the sea, Daniel worries about how to tell his father that the money he saved to send his gifted son to magic school was a waste.


Daniel buries his secret under the pretense of coming home for a vacation. Then he meets Leaf Springfield, a beautiful young man who’s been systematically beaten down by his uncle.


Irresistibly drawn to one another, they learn they share more than a love for raw fish and the ocean—both have lost a mother, and their ties to the ocean may be more fantastic than they can imagine.


Passion explodes between the two. It terrifies Daniel how quickly his feelings for Leaf grow.  There may be more here than meets the eye—about both of them.


Length: Novella (70p.) | Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy | Release Date: April 29, 2015

Buy as eBook ($3.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-991-4)







Surprised at Nothing by Kristi Lee


Reggie wonders if he made a huge mistake in trusting Kelp, for the “rock” Kelp disappeared with might be a dragon’s egg.

Even in a Magus world, things are not always as they seem. However, what could possibly go wrong when archeologist Reggie Orrick, the red-haired son of a red-haired Magus, halts his Eastern European dig and travels to Ireland to research his latest find of what’s probably just a fossilized rock?


With Reggie’s luck? Everything.


Once in Ireland, Reggie crosses paths with Ian “Kelp” McGinty, an Unfortunate of Magus and Fae ancestry, who’s more than happy to appoint himself Reggie’s guide and confidant. Kelp’s irrepressible personality and compelling “something” draws Reggie to him, and Reggie’s about convinced himself to extend his stay to get to know the Unfortunate better. But one near-tragic car accident later, and Kelp disappears… with Reggie’s rock.


Reggie’s left to wonder if he’s made a huge mistake in trusting Kelp, for the “rock” might just be an Irish Snakesbane—an egg from an extinct line of dragons!


Length: Novella (80p.) | Genre: Urban Fantasy | Release Date: April 29, 2015

Buy as eBook ($3.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-851-1)








Tales of the Curious Cookbook by RJ Scott, Amy Lane, Marie Sexton, Amber Kell & Mary Calmes (Print Only)


A mysterious handwritten cookbook full of magical recipes is about to find its way into new lives, just when it’s needed most.

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook


It’s called comfort food for a reason.


Not much is known about the cookbook, except that years ago, the mysterious Granny B collected a set of magical recipes and wrote them down. Over the years, each book has been modified, corrected, added to, and passed down through the generations to accumulate its own unique history. The secrets behind these very special recipes are about to find their way into new hands and new lives, just when they’re needed the most.


Food created out of love casts a spell all its own, but Granny B’s recipes add a little something extra. This curious cookbook holds not only delicious food, but also the secrets of love, trust, and healing, and it’s about to work its magic once again.


Enjoy these stories from: RJ Scott, Amy Lane, Marie Sexton, Amber Kell, and Mary Calmes


Length: Novel (346p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: April 29, 2015

Buy as Paperback ($17.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-990-7)

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