Brown Eggs in the Woods — (Gerry’s Lion)

April 24, 2015




Ashavan Doyon here, celebrating the release of Gerry’s Lion.

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about family traditions without speaking to my own. For me the tradition is for Easter. And while I’ve made up a lot of the traditions Gerry and Leo speak about, this one comes from my own family–so we have a little bit of an excerpt from the middle of the story:

“It’s just Easter,” Gerry said. He was trying to be reassuring. It was sweet. Also terrifying.

“Yeah. Just Easter.” Leo shook his head. “You’ve only told me about a million times how it was his mom’s favorite holiday.”

“She won’t hate you.”

“Maybe. But she’s not going to love me either.”

Gerry swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “She’ll understand.”

“Will she?”

Gerry’s voice was very quiet. “I hope so.”

Leo glared at the snow and ice. “At least we’ll be able to see the eggs.”

Gerry laughed. “She’ll just huck ’em into the woods.”

“You’re joking.”

Gerry’s laugh became a grin, and it was a broad one.

“Oh, fuck. You’re not.”

“It’ll be fun.”

“You weren’t joking, were you? She paints them brown?”

“Afraid of the bears?” asked Gerry.

“A little!”

“It’s a tradition. Don’t worry, you’re not actually expected to find any.”

“But the little kids will, won’t they?” Leo sighed.

This was a little bit of a memorial to my Grandmother. Yes, we hold an Easter egg hunt every year. And yes, the adults have to search for brown plastic eggs, hidden in the woods, with the bears. I’m totally not kidding. For the record, the hiding of these eggs in the woods (with the bears) is now my job, with the help of my husband. And the place we hide them? Black Bear Pass. You thought I was kidding about the bears, didn’t you?

I like putting these bits of myself into stories now and then, because honestly, I think it helps the stories come alive a little bit more.

So, final giveaway. The winner will receive a copy of Gerry’s Lion as an e-book (delivered to your Dreamspinner Press bookshelf): If you were writing a romance, what quality or quirk of your own would you lend to a character to help give them life? I’ll have an answer for myself at 9 pm when we wrap up, along with the winner.

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6 Responses to “Brown Eggs in the Woods — (Gerry’s Lion)”

  1. Denise Dechene says:

    I don’t know about my quirks but my youngest daughter has a few. When ever she comes to visit she has to rearrange my cabinets, because they aren’t in the right order. Sometimes things mysteriously move around so that she has to ;) She also has to eat an even amount of M&M’s and they have to be the same color. So 2 M&M’s that are green or so on. She’ll even empty the bag out and count them to pair them. She puts the extra to the side for me. I think it’s humorous

  2. ashavandoyon says:

    But those are great quirks! exactly the sort that make characters come alive.

  3. Susan says:

    I have the ability to talk to anyone from the janitor to a college president (when I was teaching college). What makes this unusual is I’m very introverted, so I would add that combination to a character to give them life. Plus it could lead to interesting circumstances!

  4. H.B. says:

    I’m kind of random and go off in tangent sometimes midstory then go back a bit after to finish the story.

  5. ashavandoyon says:

    Susan: That’s a good one, and it’s a lot more unusual than people probably think! I can relate. I’m very introverted, though I think my own ability to talk to anyone at the college is born of having been there just such a long time.

  6. ashavandoyon says:

    H.B. – that’s a good one too. I did a hypertext fiction piece once in college where the links were setup to give that feeling to a character.

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