Threefold Love-Release Party!

April 18, 2015



Welcome to the blog release party for Threefold Love! My name is Ki, and I’m going to be around all day ready to chat. My latest book Threefold Love was released yesterday.

I will be giving away two free, signed copies to a couple of lucky people throughout the day, so stick around and feel free to chat with me. I will announce the winners at the end of the night. I’m going to go low tech and toss names into a hat. What do you need to do to get into the raffle? Answer a question from one of my blog posts! That simple.

A bit on my book…

Threefold Love

Captain Xavier Hobbs, a decommissioned combat engineer, was chronically lonely in the Army. But once he is back to being a civilian, with no family and nothing to ground him, he drifts. All he wants is a real home, a real life, and love—but that is easy to wish for and hard to make happen. 


When he meets Andrew Landry, a high school English teacher, Xavier thinks he has found everything he has ever wanted, maybe even someone he can trust with his scars–the ones on his mind and body. Andrew’s quick wit and outgoing personality reel Xavier in slowly but surely. But he isn’t certain which way Andrew swings, and doesn’t dare to do more than hope the friendly man is actually flirting.


Then, on what Xavier idly wishes were their first date, disaster strikes in the form of Duncan McNeil, a fellow Wiccan and Andrew’s fiancé. Xavier’s hope is smashed to pieces, but Duncan and Andrew may have a different point of view. All they need is a little magic, some hope, and a lot of love to put everything back together.





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7 Responses to “Threefold Love-Release Party!”

  1. Angela says:

    Happy release day/party!

  2. Trix says:

    Love the premise!

  3. Waxapplelover says:

    Hi! Congrats on the release.

  4. Ki Brightly says:

    Thanks everyone!

  5. H.B. says:

    Happy release day! The book sounds lovely and the cover is very eye catching.

  6. Ki Brightly says:

    Thanks! I was so shocked when I first saw the cover. I was like, YES!!!! LoL

  7. Susan says:

    Sorry to be late to the party, but had to attend to EDJ today too. This book is already on my want-to-read list!

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