Just the Way You Are – Release Party. 2

April 18, 2015

Hi, E E Montgomery, chatting with you for the next few hours.

Here’s the blurb for Just the Way You Are, to whet your appetites.

Just the Way You Are, E E Montgomery

Just the Way You Are, E E Montgomery

After ten years in an abusive relationship and a near-fatal knife wound, Jonathan Watson is finally free. Unused to being able to make even the smallest decision and smothered by family and well-meaning neighbors, he’s floundering in the real world. Jonathan is afraid of falling into another relationship too quickly and realizes he needs time to rediscover who he is before he attaches himself to another man.

He never counted on meeting Ben Urquhart, though. Ben tempts Jonathan to forget everything and take a leap.  For Ben, it’s love at first sight, and he doesn’t want to take it slow. He wants to build a life with Jonathan, free from harm and full of laughter. But before they can take the next step, they must protect Jonathan from his possessive, threatening ex. Jonathan must find the courage to confront him and break the chains of his past before he can be truly free to build a future with Ben.

Find Just the Way You Are at : http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6274

Just the Way You Are was both a very easy story to write and a very difficult one. It was easy because I’ve gone through something a little like Jonathan, dealing with the insidious nature of emotional abuse, but I had a lot of difficulty teasing out Jonathan’s reactions to everything that had happened to him and was continuing to happen. It’s incredibly difficult to be aware of what you’re feeling and how you’re reacting to things and why, when you’re in the middle of a situation like that. So much of what you do is reactionary and fear-filled, with only one goal in mind: survival. There’s very little deep thought and self-awareness happening at that time. It’s also not the kind of thing you want to relive, even in your mind, just so you can work out what you were feeling and how that influenced your actions. I had to work out how Jonathan’s emotions influenced his actions even if he wasn’t aware of it. How do you deal with the dramatic things that happen in life? Are you aware of your emotions all the time, or is it something you only realise after the fact?

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  1. BabyBarlow says:

    It sounds really good and I hope to have the chance to read it, soon. I’ve to deal with my mother’s depression and her way to not want to see that there is a problem. She takes her pills, she has 3 different therapists (for different matters) and when I’m not close to her (working abroad or travelling), I feel like someone is going sitting on my chest. I’m very sensitive and sometimes, I feel like I’m dying

  2. eemontgomery says:

    That sounds very difficult to deal with. Having a loved one suffer like that and there’s so little you can do to help, especially if you can’t be with them all the time. It sounds like you worry about her a lot.

  3. BabyBarlow says:

    We are from Madrid (Spain) and my father lives in Oslo with his husband so, apart from her cultural groups and the Church festivals, she’s all alone.

  4. eemontgomery says:

    It’s hard being alone. I hope she finds friendship and support with her groups and Church.

  5. Angela says:

    Sometimes i’m really aware of the emotions the minute something happend but there are times when i feel the emotions after the fact.

  6. eemontgomery says:

    Hi Angela. Welcome. Are the times you’re aware of your emotions unexpectedly intense times or have they built slowly?

  7. Denise Dechene says:

    I internalize a lot. It’s hard for me to ask for help or to let people know how I feel. I think it stems from being the eldest and growing up having my parents rely on me all the time.

  8. Angela says:

    They are very intense usually when i become really angry that’s one emotion that appears immediatly LOL
    The emotion of sadness is one that can come after the fact. For example our son (now 11 years) was born 10 weeks premature . when he was born he had to stay in the hospital for a few months before he could come home, in those months a lot of things happend and i was so busy with staying strong that the emotions of that time came a few months after he was home.
    There are still times when i think of it especially because our son has suffert brain damage and is multipled disabled

  9. eemontgomery says:

    Hi Denise. Welcome to the blog. I understand what you mean by internalisation. That’s one of the reasons I struggle with getting my characters to show what they’re feeling. Are you one of a large family?

  10. Denise Dechene says:

    No I’m the eldest of 3 girls. My parents were young ad have been married for 50 years. Growing up I took care of my siblings. My maternal grandfather always told me to look out for my mom before we ended our visit. I guess I took it to heart and internalized my feelings not to put anyone out

  11. eemontgomery says:

    Angela: LOL. Anger is an easy emotion to recognise, isn’t it? It sounds like you went through hell when your son was born. I can imagine you’d have been feeling so much you wouldn’t have recognised half of it until much later. It sounds like your son is lucky to have you.

  12. eemontgomery says:

    Denise, I’m number 3 of 4 but I recognise what you’re saying because my oldest sister does the same thing. She’s still the responsible one who looks after all of us, even though we’re all grown and can look after ourselves. It’s comforting to have that support. I hope your sisters appreciate you too.

  13. H.B. says:

    Feelings are a tricky thing for me. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m feeling (and think that I’m really not…I guess some would call it numb?). I mean do recognize when I’m angry (how can you not right?) Or when I’m feeling anxious, scared or amused but those in between times…nothing or at least I don’t think so.

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