How the idea for this book began…

April 10, 2015

Yep, it’s me, Elizabeth Noble, back again talking about my latest release Jewel Cave.

I forget what I was looking for online one day, but I happened upon pictures of a huge cave system in South Dakota, United States called Jewel Cave National Monument. I sat and read a bit about the place and knew then and there I had to write a book featuring this location in some way.

Scenic-Tour-Images-Walkway-Leaving-Torture-Room-Eric-Dodd-January-2009This is a picture of the real Jewel Cave. It has a lot of significance to the book on multiple levels. Our main men, Clint Bishop and Griff Diamond first met while they each were vacationing at this cave system. It was where they fell in love. Flash forward ten years and we learn they’ve returned there a number of times to enjoy the sport of caving.

When I first came up with the concept of a suspense thriller located here I originally wanted to have the bulk of the story take place inside the cave–hence the title of the book. As I researched the Jewel Cave system I learned there were tours and many visitors daily year round, not to mention Federal officers in the form of Park Rangers on site at all times. I couldn’t have a man-hunt for a kidnap victim and his captor realistically take place in a National Monument! So I decided to have them travel to somewhere close. That way I was able to keep the significance of the Jewel Cave in the story as well as make the whole thing plausible.

The Jewel Cave one of the South West best caves.


Some of these photos were what I used as inspiration for scenes in the book.



Have you ever fallen in love (or back in love) on vacation?

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7 Responses to “How the idea for this book began…”

  1. Milica says:

    Well,I don’t if I can say that was love in a true meaning of that word,I mean I was 17 year old when it happened,but yes,you could say I fell in love on a vacation…we continued our relationship when we got home,but yeah…it didn’t work out.

  2. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you Milica.

  3. Milica says:

    Don’t be :) …when we split,I said to myself “That’s it,no boys for me for at least a year,or two.” – I was really hurt. But,fate had something else entirely in the store for me,because not two months later I met my future husband (not to jinx it,but we are planning it soon) :)

  4. Angela says:

    No, other than the usual teenage crush i never fallen in love when on vacation :)

    I would like to be entered in both giveaways.

  5. Su says:

    Sadly not whilst on vacation, but I have a couple of friends that ended up marrying men that they met on holiday, who strangely enough lived not far from where they did. Strange as they had never met before until they went on holiday… was it fate?

    I love those caves, but I do not think I could ever go caving maybe a nice tour to admire crystal rock formations instead :)

    Thank you for a chance to win one of your books

  6. JJ says:

    No to your question. What massive caves and good photos to go with your book.

  7. Fanny Pack says:

    That is not Jewel Cave. That is Gem Cave in Okinawa, Japan. Big difference.

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