A Couple of Characters

April 10, 2015

Hi there!

Elizabeth Noble back again with some more on my latest Circles series book Jewel Cave.

Jewel Cave is the story of a friendship that turned to obsession and stalking, leading to a kidnapping. The only witnesses to this crime are MCs two dogs, Phoenix and Fern. They have small but very important roles to play in the book.

Let me introduce you to them!

This is Phoenix, he is based on my own dog, Phoenix who passed away just over two years ago. He was a Labrador Retriever mix. Jewel Cave takes place in several locations, one of which is my neighborhood. Clint and Griff live with their dogs in the West Park area of Cleveland, Ohio. I used my house as the basis for their house. Their boy (and mine), Phoenix is in my living room which is thesame room Clint was attacked and kidnapped from.

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Those who follow me on Facebook or Google are going to be familiar with the little girl who inspired Clint and Griff’s other dog, Fern.  2014-11-07 12.32.51My dog, Rosie plays the part of Fern. Clint puts together clues from an injury of hers to realize he’s being stalked. It is what happens to Phoenix and Fern throughout the book that launch Griff on a manhunt for Clint and his captor. In the end it is Phoenix and Fern who start Clint and Griff on their road to recovery.

They may never have a line of dialog, but these two are integral parts of the story.

And before anyone asks, neither dog is harmed.

Pets are important in our lives and I’d love to hear about what readers think about them being characters in a book.

9 Responses to “A Couple of Characters”

  1. Angela says:

    I think pets can have a part in a book as long as they don’t take over the story. As you said they play a small but important part in your book and i like that.

    I like the pictures of your dogs.
    When i was little my uncle had a Golden Retriever (Wesley) i adored that dog he was so sweet ;)

    Please enter me in both giveaways :)

  2. Trix says:

    I think pets can be intriguing side characters, and the heroes’ interactions with them can reveal previously unseen parts of their personalities! Both draws for me, please…

  3. Milica says:

    If you ask me,I could read about dogs all day long – dog person through and trough :)

    Sorry about Phoenix…I don’t want to imagine how would I go through passing of my dog. Luckily,my has another 10 years of living at least,if everything goes OK…

    I’m glad that there is no harm done to the dogs in book,because that’s a big no-no for me. The only time I cried because of a book was when a dog died…

  4. Milica says:

    And yeah,include me in both giveaways,why not :)

  5. Thank you for condolences for Phoenix.

    I never hurt the animals in my books, it’s a rule of mine I won’t break.

  6. Susan says:

    If a book has an important animal character, I’m am more likely to buy it. This is because animals play a large role in my life too.

  7. Most of my books have an important animal character. Their importance is different book to book as is their involvement in the plot, but one is almost always there.

  8. Su says:

    I do like it when animals appear as characters, maybe not a lead one, partly as I love animals and their companionship and thank you I read the first post and that ominous statement and worried about Griff & Phoenix!

    I never thought of labs being dogs that bite, or guard dogs, as my brother had two (a female yellow and chocolate male) and both were the gentlest dogs (yep a bit daft as well) I have ever met apart from their keenness to eat everything! Dudley, the male, even ate over 100 wrapped chocolates from a tin and I think it was the fact that they were in wrappers probably saved him!

    Please enter me for both the giveaways

  9. JJ says:

    I think pets especially dogs really add to a story. I like reading about the protective nature of dogs.

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