March 27, 2015

Hi there! Still promoting my story “The Serpent and the Angel” book 8 of my Shifters series.


As I stated in my first post, “The Serpent and the Angel” continues the story of the scrolls and their guardians. But I also wanted to mention that it also furthers the story of the main villain of my series: in present days, he’s known as Arcas, but he’s had many names over many centuries. Some of my readers might have guessed it already and that’s great, I really don’t want it to be a secret, but I also wanted a little intrigue and mystery surrounding my villain.


There’s a reason I spent some time describing Arcas’s sapphire blue eyes and his beauty. Lady Anne Blackthorn (Hunted Guardian) had sapphire blue eyes and was a great beauty. Another character will appear in “The Serpent and the Angel” that has the same eyes and similar beauty. Try and spot him! (yes, it’s a man).


My villain is just as important as my heroes, perhaps even more so. He works behind the scenes as well as occasionally stepping to the front. He has a goal/plan and nothing will stop him from executing it. ;) I really love to hate that guy.


What are your thoughts on villains? Do you love to hate them? Just plain hate them? Or would you rather see more of them in a story?



2 Responses to “Villains”

  1. Milica says:

    Honestly,I love them…when written the right way. Without them there would be no heroes.
    I don’t like over-the-top ones,you know evil just for the sake of being evil…I like when they are multi-layered,not one-dimensional.
    Sebastian from the Mortal Instruments would be my perfect villain ever :) Yeah,I read YA too,sometimes…

  2. M.D. Grimm says:

    Who doesn’t? A good story is a good story no matter the genre. I agree about the villains. That’s one of the major challenges I run into–trying to make the villain(s) enjoyable and complex.

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