Inspiration for “The Serpent and the Angel”

March 27, 2015

You can find “The Serpent and the Angel” here!


For those late comers, I’m promoting the 9th book in my The Shifters series. You can find the rest of the series here:


I suggest reading them in order from book 1 since they do depend on each other, but if you read them out of order you’ll still get the gist.


The inspiration for this story actually came from a blog prompt I did a couple of years ago. I wanted a strange couple pairing and wrote a cute little story. It’s nothing like the finished product, but I enjoyed the concept so much, I kept it.


What to read it? Here it is: (EXPLICIT)



It was typical. There he was, winding his way through the sand, slithering around rocks, looking for some tasty rodents, and a fucking eagle thought he would be the tasty one.  Serp saw the shadow above him and didn’t think much of it until the shadow got bigger. Serp slithered quickly over the ground, trying to find a good nook to hide in. But the eagle was quicker.

Serp felt claws pierce his skin and he was suddenly lifted from the ground.  Knowing he had no choice, unless he wanted to be eaten, Serp shifted.

He was slow at it, he didn’t spend his time as human much. It was too complicated. Snakes were easy and he loved being a rattler. But not when he was about to be disemboweled by a hungry eagle.

Serp managed to shift and that had the predictable effect of the eagle dropping him to the ground. Serp grunted as he smashed to the ground and rolled over the rocks and weeds. Serp groaned and managed to roll to his knees. He had expected that.

But he hadn’t expected the eagle to fall from the sky with him. Seems he shocked the eagle enough the proud bird lost air and crashed beside him. But what Serp really didn’t expect was for the bird to hop to its feet, stare at him with eerie intelligence, then shift.

Into a human.

Serp felt his jaw drop. A golden-haired, hazel-eyed, regal angel was standing in front of him. His skin was gold as well.

For himself, Serp felt skinnier than usual. His hair was brown, his skin was pale. He wasn’t the most attractive man ever. But from the way the eagle shifter was looking at him, Serp felt like a god. Serp had never met another shifter before. But he knew there were more.

The man smiled. “I knew you were a shifter. You didn’t smell like a rattlesnake. Not completely, at least.”

Serp didn’t know what to say. “So, what were you trying to do? Eat me or…”

The angel’s grin grew bigger. “Oh, I was certainly wanting to eat you.”

The angel leapt and shoved Serp on the ground on his back. The angel straddled him and licked his pink lips. Serp felt his little-used dick grow hard. He wasn’t a virgin but he wasn’t a stud either.

“Wha-what is your name?” Serp managed to ask.

“Don’t have one.” the angel on top of him said. His lips drifted over Serp’s neck and rose up to his chin, nibbling at the skin.

“I’m Serp. As in serpent.”

The angel pulled back and grinned. “I like it.” then he kissed Serp. Heat shot through Serp’s body and he no longer felt the rough and rocky ground beneath him. He didn’t feel the hot sun beating down on his skin. All he felt was Angel’s warm and willing body and he decided to only focus on that.

Serp’s hands slid along Angel’s back and his mouth worked energetically against Angel’s. Angel groaned and pressed harder into him. Serp’s hands had a mind of their own as they slid between Angel’s legs and wrapped around his cock. Angel groaned and pulled away slightly.

“You are so sexy,” Angel said, his voice deep and rough. Angel nipped Serp’s lips.

“No, you are.” Serp grunted when Angel cupped his balls.

“I always did like eating snakes,” Angel said with a sly grin that made Serp’s heart jump in his chest.

In a flash, Angel moved lower along Serp’s body and slipped Serp’s entire cock into his mouth. Serp’s body bowed and he gasped in shock. It was so sudden, and rough. Angel’s mouth was heavenly as it sucked and that tongue slid over the tip. Angel squeezed his balls and Serp gripped Angel’s hair, the smooth locks sliding between his fingers.

It was quick and satisfying. And incredibly hot. Serp came with a groan and Angel groaned and swallowed. Angel moved up Serp’s body and flicked his tongue over Serp’s nipple.

“My turn,” Angel said.

“Oh, yeah,” Serp gripped Angel’s long and beautiful cock and stroked. Angel’s eyes never left Serp’s face and his pupils were dilated to an extent that the hazel irises could barely be seen. His face was flushed and Serp couldn’t resist a kiss. Angel gripped his face and kissed him hard. Serp stroked Angel harder and faster and relished in the groan and the wetness that covered his hand when Angel came.

They both lay back on the ground, panting.

“We’re not done, Angel.” Serp said, still wanting more.

The eagle shifter turned his head to look at Serp. Surprise was on his face but then a warm, appreciative smile spread across it.

“Angel. I like it. No one has ever cared enough to give me a name.”

Serp rolled on top of Angel and knew that his isolated life was about to change.

“I care. And I’m yours if you’ll have me.”

Angel wrapped strong arms around Serp and nuzzled his neck. “A serpent and an angel. Perfect.”



Silly, I know, but it was fun, and Tobias and Angel came out of it.


It’s a trick sometimes to balance the “human” side with the “animal” side of a shape-shifter. I have to decide early on how much one side influences the other. I don’t want to do the same thing every time; I want to keep each story fresh and engaging. That’s why I made Tobias cold like his snake, and Angel was actually more easy-going and “talks” to his eagle a lot. He describes them as a team. But because Tobias is odd comparatively, I wanted the snake to influence his personality more, and not always in the best way.


What odd shifter would you like to see in a story? A cuttlefish, a unicorn, a parrot…?



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