Sex, Lies & Cover Art Blues (by @EMLynley)

March 23, 2015


Paul Richmond made the striking cover art for this book. He used a photograph by Brazilian photographer Ronaldo Gutierrez, who is the photographer for the wonderful Dirty Dining cover as well.


It’s tough to choose what the cover should look like. For this book, there wasn’t a particular scene that came to mind, or any symbols from the story, so I decided to go with a photo cover. I selected several, and Paul made mock-ups for me to choose from.

I had trouble making a decision. The other almost-cover is this one.

SexLies&WeddingBells400x600   SexLies&WeddingBells3B

I thought the guy’s clothing was enough like a tux to give it a wedding feeling. I let Paul and Elizabeth North make the final decision, and we have the gorgeous guy staring you right in the eye.

Do you think we made the right choice? Which cover do you like best?

What are some of your other favorite Dreamspinner covers? I certainly have a few of my own, but I like hearing which covers readers like, and whether you bought the book because of the cover?


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18 Responses to “Sex, Lies & Cover Art Blues (by @EMLynley)”

  1. Denise Dechene says:

    I like the cover you chose. As for covers, there are a few I like Omorphi, Duck, Duck Ghost, Not IN The Stars. I like to look at covers and some may draw my eye for me to investigate further. I have never bought a book based solely on the cover.

  2. Denise Dechene says:

    Are your characters already named when you start a story or do they develop along the way

  3. EM Lynley says:

    Most of the characters don’t have names when I start. Sometimes I’ll call them A and B for a while until I get to know him better and a name feels right. I hate naming characters!

  4. Denise Dechene says:

    What book of yours is has your favorite cover?

  5. Angela says:

    Both covers are gorgeous but i think you made the right choice. I like the covers for the red dirt heart serie by NR Walker. I also like your cover for dirty dining and Spaghetti western.

  6. JenCW says:

    I like both, but the one you picked is the best in my opinion.

  7. H.B. says:

    Both covers look great. I do like the cover that was picked better though (I might be bias since it’s the first one I saw a few minutes ago, lol). I don’t buy books just for it’s covers but it does factor into whether or not I’ll give it a look.

  8. JJ says:

    I like the chosen cover the best, and I assume that is Kieran on the cover since Jaxon is not dark haired with a light scruff beard.
    A few of my favorite covers are the North Star trilogy books by Posy Roberts.

  9. EM Lynley says:

    Looks pretty unanimous that we chose the right cover!

    JJ — I guess that is Kieran. I’ve never been to hung up on whether the cover models really look like the characters. It’s more the mood of the book or personality that I want to see on the cover.

    Angela– the cover for Dirty Dining has gotten a lot of attention! I like the Red Dirt series covers too!

    HB — I’m like you, I’ll notice a book for the cover, then read the blurb. Even if I don’t love the cover, if it has elements I like, I’ll find out more about the book.

  10. Milica says:

    Both covers are good,but I’m more for the other one…

  11. Oor Janie says:

    love the cover with the close up. Though the other is good too. The DD cover is fantastic. I have loved many Covers. Love Stay With Me by SE Harmon cover.

  12. Jodi marinich says:

    Haven’t read em’s books yet but they sound great

  13. Bianca says:

    I prefer the cover you went with, much more expressive that way.

  14. I like the book cover you went with much better.

  15. TracyGee says:

    My favourite book of your is Out of The Gate…. I love the horse racing element in this book. It took me back to when I was a child going to the races with my dad…

  16. Tracey says:

    I’ve only read one and I loved it! Spaghetti Western.

  17. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    I liked the covers the one you chose is the best I think even though the guy looks great in a tux!

  18. I definitely think the cover for DIRTY DINING was fantastic. I’ve read a few of your books, and always enjoy the close connection the characters develop.

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