Introducing Jeff aka LJ

March 11, 2015



And here’s an introduction to Jeff/LJ/Lord January, from Chapter One of Guarding January:

“Do I have to go?” Jeff stood at the door of the room he’d been living in for eight months. Eight months he’d been safe and happy in there. Eight months he’d been able to be just Jeff, instead of Lord January. “Jim, can’t I just stay?”

“Oh, honey, you know you can’t. You have all the tools to do this. You do.”

His sponsor and the man who had become a friend stared at him, smiled.

“You look like Santa Claus when you do that.”

“Shut up.”

They looked at each other, then they cracked up, leaning together, and if he cried a bit, Jim didn’t say a word.

“Come on. Donna sent a car for you, to take you home.”

“She sent a babysitter.”

He couldn’t even complain; he probably needed one, but couldn’t it be Jim? Couldn’t he stay there where he was safe?

“You have my number, Jeff. Use it if you need it, okay? I mean that.”

He nodded, wrapped his hoodie around him, iPod in the pocket, put his sunglasses on, and hunched inside the fabric.
Jim gave him a short, hard hug, then walked him out the front door. Out into the world.

He winced away from the sunlight, tugging his hood down farther. “My things?”

“Already in the car, Sir.” A mountain of a man threw him into shadow, and a huge paw was held out. “I’m Rye.”

“I don’t shake hands. Sorry.” Jesus, Donna had hired a giant. “I’ll call, Jim, okay? Soon?”

“Anytime, Jeff. I promise.”

The giant waited until he started down the walk, then paced him. “We’re the dark gray SUV to the right of the gate.”

“Okay.” He kept his head down, making sure the light and the long-range lenses couldn’t get to him.

He had to admit, having the Hulk walking next to him gave him some cover to hide behind, making him feel less exposed. Didn’t mean he suddenly wanted the babysitter, mind you.

The walk down the path seemed to take for-fucking-ever, but at last they were at the car, his minder opening the door for him and bundling him in. The door shut with a very final sounding click, and in seconds they were driving away from the one place he knew was safe.

Jeff put his earphones in and turned the music up loud, the noise pounding in his head.

He stayed in his cocoon until the door opened, his new bodyguard’s hand touching his arm. Aside from really tall and really built, the guy had short brown hair, like military cut almost, and a square jaw like you’d expect some tough bodyguard to have. His new bodyguard’s eyes were surprisingly blue, like bright and alive. Jeff slid his gaze from the guy to the house.

Home sweet home. Goodie. He stood, the garage quiet and still. There were two doors down there—one to his rooms, one to the rest of the house where everyone else was. He grabbed his guitar, then headed to the door on the left, heading upstairs without a word.


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11 Responses to “Introducing Jeff aka LJ”

  1. Denise Dechene says:

    Just from that small excerpt Jeff/LJ’s loneliness comes off the page.

  2. JenCW says:

    Wow. Jeff really needs somewhere to feel safe and himself. I can’t wait to see that happen.

  3. Angela says:

    Great excerpt. It looks like Lord January really likes it to be just Jeff.
    I have to agree with Denise he sounds really lonely.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I really liked both excerpts, looks like this will have to go on my wish list.

  5. Antonia says:

    Great excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

  6. H.B. says:

    LJ feels like a character I just want to bundle up and hug.

  7. SeanMichael says:

    thanks all — Jeff brings out that same take care of him thing in Rye, right off the bat!

  8. JJ says:

    Good excerpt. I really like the cover, especially how LJ is depicted on it.

  9. Katherine H says:

    I’m so looking forward to this one!

  10. SeanMichael says:

    Thanks, JJ and Katherine :)

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