Food Glorious Food

March 11, 2015

In Guarding January, one of the things Rye finds himself doing is feeding LJ, who is too skinny and doesn’t eat nearly enough. He finds out the best way to get calories into LJ is through smoothies, cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup. Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup happen to be comfort foods for me, but only if the cheese in the grilled cheese is the kraft singles and the tomato soup is campbells. Not that I don’t like other cheese grilled cheese sandwiches or homemade and/or organic, gourmet tomato soups — I do, but they aren’t that “comfort food.”

What’s your comfort food? What would be Rye’s best choice for feeding you?


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11 Responses to “Food Glorious Food”

  1. Angela says:

    I sadly like all kinds of comfort food LOL

    But i love chinese food (although i don’t know if you would call that comfort food) but if someone wants to make me happy and relax they should feed me that :)

  2. Denise Dechene says:

    My daughters comfort food is grilled cheese, but only if mom makes it. lol

    My husband is the cook in the family. I am only allowed to make certain items. True story

    So most things my husband makes are good as long as he stays away from liver, pate, and escargot I’m good

  3. Debra E says:

    Hands down it would be pizza. :)

  4. Antonia says:

    Pasta is definitely my comfort food.

  5. H.B. says:

    Pizza or a burger and fries. If it was easier and quick to make lasagna too.

  6. Su says:

    Tricky as I have lot of food allergies so sadly a lot of comfort foods fall under the uneatable category for me, such as chocolate, pizza, ice cream (as I also cannot eat some of the alternates like soy or coconut ice creams). Most of what eat has to be home made, so I know what’s in them, like carrot soup or shepherds pie. But I do have treats like maple syrup, iced lemon\peach tea and a wonderful Spanish soft nougat called Almond Turron, which is one of the few bought comfort treats that I am allowed.

  7. JJ says:

    I love grilled cheese sandwiches but most eateries don’t seem to butter the bread to grill it which is disappointing. I love lentil and split pea soups for comfort foods.

  8. SeanMichael says:

    not butter the bread to grill it? the horror! No, seriously, it’s not grilled cheese if you haven’t buttered the outside in order to grill it up nice and crispy!

    And I’ve loved all the answers given :)

  9. Denise Dechene says:

    Sean since you like grilled cheese. My husband found something on line we have tried. Instead of butter you put mayonnaise on the bread to grill it. The outside gets golden brown and crispy because mayo is just egg and oil. So that’s how we do grill cheese anymore

  10. Katherine H says:

    OMG I’m right there with you on grilled cheese and tomato soup. But I’m also a sucker for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy, ooh and baked steak too. YUP, I’m a Southern Girl :D

  11. SeanMichael says:

    Those sound yummy, Katherine.

    Oh my, Denise, I think I might have to try that…

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