Release Party – MOMENT OF TRUTH – Part Three

March 5, 2015

Hi everyone, Karen Stivali here again to talk a little more about MOMENT OF TRUTH, Book Two of the Moments In Time series.


In keeping with the themes from the Moments In Time series, I want to talk about summer jobs in college. I went to college at NYU in New York City and spent summers either there or at my parents’ house in New Jersey. I had so many jobs I can barely remember them all but I’ll list all the ones I can think of offhand:


wedding planner’s assistant

secretarial temp

hand drawn animator

espresso bar manager

script reader for an agent



reader for the blind

teaching assistant

Several of those overlapped—I worked a lot. It’s expensive to live in New York City, nevermind the cost of tuition!

In MOMENT OF TRUTH Collin is working as a waiter at an upscale restaurant (he needs money badly as when he came out his mother stopped tuition payments and he’s got to make sure he has enough money to get through senior year) and Tanner is bartending at a trendy nightclub.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind having this young man as my waiter..



And I definitely wouldn’t mind having this young man shake me up a cocktail or two…


Do you have a preference for blonds or brunettes? Or are redheads your weakness? Or shaved heads? Or no preference at all as long as they’re (fill in the blank)?  Tell me below and I’ll choose another random winner to receive an ebook of their choice (winners announce later tonight on each post). Thanks for chatting with me and making my release party more interesting! I love learning things about my readers and their experiences.

13 Responses to “Release Party – MOMENT OF TRUTH – Part Three”

  1. Angela says:

    You sure had many summer jobs during college, wich one did you like best?
    As for the pictures i wouldn’t mind getting my drinks/order by one of those guys :)

    As for preference i don’t think i have a real preference but my husband has brown hair and brown eyes, so i guess i really like brown hair and brown eyes LOL.

    It’s getting late here in Europe so i have to say goodnight. I want to thank you for sharing your release party with us, it was fun chatting with you and learning more about you.


  2. JJ says:

    Hand drawn animator is so unusual. You must have drawing ability which is a nice skill to have. I don’t have a preference but I’ve always been fascinated by green or hazel eyes.

  3. Susan says:

    I like blonds, but mostly wound up dating brunets. Bald is a huge turn-off for me, even if it’s shaved on purpose. I like hair.

  4. Su says:

    I am fond of dark haired blue eyed men, which my current partner is, but my first boyfriend was blonde and brown eyed. The boy I had a crush on throughout my school years was auburn with green eyes. The only similarity pattern I can see from the both, and guys I like in general, is that they are tall. From the two men in the photos I am drawn more towards the darker haired man.

    I was lucky that my summer jobs involved my great love, books, as I would have been far to shy to do many of the jobs you mentioned LOL :)

  5. karenstivali says:

    Good night, Angela. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won an ebook (check every post you commented on). Thanks for chatting!

    Oh, and my favorite job was probably waitressing—I love food and had the chance to work at a lot of nice restaurants. I enjoyed learning cooking trick, sampling the food and, honestly, there’s often a strong sense of comaraderie that develops with restaurant staff and I enjoyed that. I liked a lot of the customers too—people tend to be in a good mood when they’re out for a nice meal and I liked chatting with so many people. Plus it was nice having a pocket full of cash tips at the end of the night. :)

  6. karenstivali says:

    JJ I was a Film and Television production major in college and animation was my specialization. I interned and worked per diem at a studio that did a ton of TV commericials, movie credit and trailers and was known for being where Pee Wee’s Playhouse was filmed (the animated parts of the show). I did enjoy drawing but it’s such a competitive field and I don’t have a “look at me, I’m the best” kind of personality so it was extremely stressful for me. I still draw but just as a leisure activity.

    Oh, and I have green eyes! :)

  7. karenstivali says:

    Susan, that sounds about right. I’ve always been way more attracted to dark haired men but I married a blond and although I love guys with floppy wild hair he now shaves his head. No complaints, though. I’ll keep him! :)

  8. karenstivali says:

    Su, I was really, really shy back then but the jobs that forced me to have to talk to people took me out of my comfort zone in a good way. I actually love talking to people—I’m naturally extroverted and like being around others more than being alone—so it’s good for me to be in situations that push me past my initial inclination to be on the shy side. Nowadays I start up conversations with strangers in the grocery line without thinking twice. :)

  9. Trix says:

    I have no real hair color preference (though I do have a weakness for floppy, longish hair in a ’70s/’90s style). I like clean-shavenness, but prefer a beard or some scruff to a mustache. What I notice kind of depends on the guy in question, but broad shoulders and kind of a sweet face never hurt…

  10. H.B. says:

    I don’t think I have a preference physically. I’ve always found a guy who can make me laugh and doesn’t verbally diarrhea to be attractive.

    That’s a long list of jobs and they’re a bit similar but at the same time a bit diverse. It must have been fun experiencing new things and still having familiarity to it.

  11. Su says:

    I have green eyes as well, pale green, whilst my family are all various shades of blue. People often say I have witch eyes, as they change colour depending on the light and what I am wearing, plus my mood. Some people think they are grey, other light blue and sometimes if I wear a certain colour like lime green I am constantly asked if I am wearing green contacts!

    I went into teaching to break my habit of shyness and build self confidence and it worked, but I can still be shy in certain circumstances.

  12. karenstivali says:

    The random winner on this post is Angela!

    Angela, please email me at so I can send you your free ebook! Thank you!

    Many thanks to everyone who commented! <3

  13. Angela says:

    Thank You Karen.
    I can’t wait to read Moment of Truth!
    email is send :)

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