About the Ever the Same boys — Audie and Dixon

February 27, 2015

So, let me tell y’all a bit about my boys from Ever the Same, Dix and Audie.

Audie is a cowboy from Greenville, Texas. Like a real, working cowboy. He pulls calves, trains cutting horses, and loves his little boy, Grainger, with everything he has. Solid as a rock, Audie’s a good guy, practical as the day is long and totally, completely trapped in the closet of his environment.

Now, Dix? He’s not a cowboy at all. Texan? Sure, but he’s from Austin, he’s a musician, he’s out and proud, he’s…Lost. He just lost his partner and his sight in the same car accident, he’s trying to figure out how the hell he’s supposed to raise his angry little Randi at his parents’ hobby farm in small town Texas without the man he intended to live the rest of his life with.

Ever the Same is the story about how these two trapped men find a way out, together.

I love Audie for his straight-shooting sensibility. I love Dixon because he’s not ashamed to be terrified. More than than, I love how these boys love their kids, are committed to keeping their wee families intact. These men are daddies first, always.


I made a Pinterest board about the boys (and the kiddos). I’d love to know what y’all think. This is the first time I’ve done this and I think I’ll keep on. I love the whole idea of it. You can find the board here - https://www.pinterest.com/batortuga/ever-the-same/

Much love, y’all!



BA Tortuga


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7 Responses to “About the Ever the Same boys — Audie and Dixon”

  1. Angela says:

    I like it.
    You said this was the first time you did a pinterest board about your characters, did it help you when you were writing this book?

    When i read a book i always picture the characters, location, houses they live in in my mind and i really like that about reading, you can have your own imagination :)

  2. batortuga says:

    Hey Angela,

    I enjoyed it — partially because I grew up in Greenville and lived in Austin for 20 years. It was nice, especially to give a reference for the cover artists. :D Also, picking out the photos was just fun.

    No picture is *exactly* right, but I could go, ‘that’s the right hair’ and ‘oh, that’s a cute daddy and son photo’.

  3. JJ says:

    Those pictures of the kids were so cute. Randi with the fiery red hair looks like a spitfire for sure. I liked the photos of Audie and Dixon too.

  4. Helen B says:

    I really enjoyed looking at the Pinterest board.It kind of gives my imagination a jump start with the characters. I also liked the scenery and house pictures because I’ve never been to Texas.

  5. batortuga says:

    JJ: Writing Randi made me laugh. Such a fierce wee girl.

    Helen: YAY! That’s what I was hoping for. I grew up there, so to me, the setting is like breathing.

  6. H.B. says:

    Thank you for sharing the pinterest with us. I’ll have tl check it out when I get home from work.

  7. Waxapplelover says:

    Love stories with children! Looking forward to reading more about the book.

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