February 2, 2015

Well, with just an hour and a half left of my blogging time, I’m reminded of the opening scene of Sound Of Music and Julie Andrews singing, “My day in the hills has come to and end.” Happy in one way but sad in another. This experience, sharing my book All By Myself XvNkGpic7Skp and thoughts with the blogasphere, has been extraordinary! I thank you kind folks for your postings and responses. One person I must also mention is the very talented Reese Dante who created the wonderful cover for my book. I loved it from the minute I saw it. I remember thinking, “Perfect.” As I mentioned in earlier postings, I’m at work on three (madness, I know) new novels, and I hope I’m fortuante enough to have another chance at this blogging thing! I’ll probably keep going scene by scene instead of following an outline, as that seems to work best for me. If you have a chance I hope you’ll give my book a read. For, myself, I’ll be watching for any questions or posts you might want to add . . . I’ll also probably be reading an MM novel on my Kindle at the same time. I wonder, are any of you out there as wedded to your Kindle or tablet as I am?

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