February 2, 2015

So, here I sit at my desk in New York as it gets dark. I’ve been having a really nice day conversing with such interesting people about my new book All By Myself . As I post back and forth, I’m listening to Barbra Streisand’s new Duets CD. She and Michael Buble are perfect together. Their voices match so well, better than anyone else on the album in my opinion. My little heater is keeping it just warm enough without being blistering. I understand it is, or has been 0 today! So, all in all, this is quite an enjoyable moment! I’ve managed to conquor the hills and valleys of Dreamspinner Facebook (with help, of course) and the valiant struggle has certainly been worth it. I know when my blog time ends at midnight, I should got right to work on my next book, Mood Indigo, but I have a hunch I will simply bask in the glow of a great afternoon. Will any of you skip what you should be doing for something more relaxing?

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