Nightmare by Amy Lane

January 19, 2015

Title: Nightmare

Author: Amy Lane

Pairing: Dex and Kane from Dex in Blue

Prompt: nightmare

The little girl’s scream ripped them both out of a dead sleep.  Dex was halfway down the hall before he even recognized what he was running after, and in Frances’s room before Kane was even out of bed.

“Whatwuzat?” he muttered, turning on the light and kneeling at Frances’s bedside.  “Frances, whatwuzat?”

“Unca Dex, bad dream!” the little girl wailed, reaching her arms out for him.

Dex didn’t hesitate.  He picked her up, awed as always by how tiny she was.  “No worries, bunny,” he muttered, trying to get his bearings.  What day was it?  What time was it?  The flap of approaching feet—big flat ones—alerted him that Kane hadn’t slept through the emergency, he’d just been a bit late.

“Whatwuzat?” Kane mumbled, leaning against the wall and staring around the little girl’s mostly pink room like it had just materialized next to them as they’d slept.

“Bad dream,” Dex murmured, rocking the little girl against his chest.

“What’d you dream?” Kane asked, waking up a little.  “Was it something cool, like robots?”

“No,” Frances shook her head against Dex’s chest.

“Creepy dolls?” Kane asked, like he was seriously curious.

“No,” Frances said again, shaking her head vigorously.

“Scary clowns?”  Kane asked, like it was a legitimate line of questioning.

“No,” Frances denied, but her voice was getting sleepy.  Dex rocked her some more, looking around the room.  The snake and the iguana, in their giant glass habitat that looked both into the room and out into the backyard, seemed to be asleep, doing snakely and lizardly things.  The small turtle was crawling around in his terrarium, oblivious to the fact that someday, he was going to get a turtle hardon and terrify everybody in the room.  The gecko—added new to Kane’s collection—had hidden in his little house as soon as the light had gone on.

Jesus, no wonder the little girl was having nightmares.  She was surrounded by monsters!

“Frances,” Dex asked, afraid it had been wrong to let her sleep here for the past six months, “was it about animals?”

“Yes!” Frances wailed.  “It was about bugs!”

“Aw,” Kane reassured, taking her from Dex and patting her gently on the back. “That’s simple, bunny. You just imagine all the guys here eating the bugs, and you’ll be just fine.”

“Oh yeah!”  Frances sat up in her uncle’s arms.  “They eat bugs.”  She snuggled some more.  “That’s okay, Unca Kane.  The guys’ll keep me safe.”

Kane smiled, tired and relieved and tucked her into her little pink bed.  “That’s right.  Night bunny.”

“Night Unca Kane.  Night Unca Dex.”

“Sleep tight,” Dex mumbled.

On the way back to bed, Dex found himself chuckling.

“What?” Kane asked.


“What about me?”

“You’re the only guy I know who could turn a room full of scaly things into an army to keep her safe.”

“Yeah?”  Kane yawned again.  “You’re the only guy I know who’d think like that at ass-crack-thirty.  Go to bed, Dexter.  We got a big busy day tomorrow, and I want sex tomorrow night.”

Dex chuckled, recognizing the slightly sore feeling in his body that indicated they’d gotten sex not too long ago.  “We just had sex. You think you’re that lucky?”

Kane grabbed him about the waist before they walked into the bedroom and nuzzled his ear.  “I like sex with you.  Keeps the monsters away.”

Dex allowed himself to be pawed and nuzzled.  “Good,” he said softly.  “The guys can do that for Frances, but I’ll do that for you.”

“Can you do that for me tonight?”

“No,” Dex mumbled, sliding out of his arms and into bed.  “You want to see something really scary, you’re gonna see me if I don’t get some sleep.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kane agreed, sliding into bed next to him.  “You keep the monsters away, you get to call a few shots.”

“As long as your snake doesn’t sleep with my balls pulling his own guard duty, that is a deal.”

Suddenly Kane sprang up from bed.  “Oh fuck!  Tomas!”  And with that he went padding down the hallway again, ostensibly to make sure the snake was double-locked in his cage.

For a moment, Dex contemplated letting this keep him awake, and then he changed his mind.

He had scary monster guard duty tomorrow, and the snake was one of the good guys.  Nothing to be afraid about here, folks.  Just Dex and the reptiles, keeping the scary monsters at bay.


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4 Responses to “Nightmare by Amy Lane”

  1. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    I enjoyed the story it was great to have a peep into Dex and Kanes life.

  2. I always love Amy Lane’s books, have a soft spot for the entire Johnnies series, and Dex and Kane are perhaps my favorite (probably because I read their books first). Everytime I read a story with this baby girl, though, I’m reminded of how much they absolutely adore her, and I’m so grateful that she ended up with them! You’ll have to read their story to understand – otherwise, I’d be giving you spoilers!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Always love spending some time with Dex and Kane (and assorted critters)! Thanks for the cute story.

  4. Charlessorge says:

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