Baby Talk by Rick R. Reed

January 17, 2015

Title: Baby Talk

Author: Rick R. Reed

Pairing: Hank and Ollie from Dinner at Home

Prompt: baby

Ollie pulls down the quilt to reveal their striped flannel sheets. He’s exhausted. The catering business, Dinner at Home, he runs with his husband Hank has flourished since they brought it to life two years ago and now, with the holiday season in full swing, both he and Hank are putting in twelve- and fifteen-hour workdays, even with the additional staff they’ve taken on to help them get into the New Year alive.

All Ollie wants to do is bury himself beneath the worn flannel sheets and his grandmother’s handmade quilt, with its pattern of stars and moons. Hank beside him is an added bonus because the man is like a small furnace. All the hard work they do and it’s this Ollie sees as his biggest reward—curling up next to this man whom he loves and lusts for every night of his life. In spite of his weariness, Ollie smiles as he plops down on the bed, struggling out of his sweats to leave them in a heap on the floor.

“You coming to bed?” Ollie falls back, not bothering to cover himself. He hopes the sight of his naked body is still an enticement. He cautions himself mentally, thinking he shouldn’t be too enticing, because he doesn’t know if he even has enough energy left to deliver on that particular promise.

“In a minute,” Hank says. He stands by their bedroom window, which faces the street. His back is to Ollie and he stares outside. What could be so fascinating about their street here in the Central District of Seattle? Ollie loves their home, but come on, the view—of their neighbors’ houses—is not exactly awe-inspiring.

Hank pulls the curtain back a little farther and leans forward so he can, presumably, see better.

“What are you looking at?” Ollie wonders. He gives up and settles into bed, pulling the quilt and top sheet over himself. “Some hottie out there?”

“Do you know what it’s doing?”

“What what’s doing?” Ollie asks.

“It’s snowing. It hardly ever snows in Seattle.” Hank turns to look at him and this is what Ollie loves about the man: how his excitement can turn his features into a little boy again. It is simply so very sweet that Hank is thrilled by the sight of a few flakes of snow.

Ollie can’t just turn over and go to sleep now, much as his weary body would like him to. He gets up from the bed and crosses the room to peer out the window over Hank’s shoulder. He lets his chin rest on Hank’s bare shoulder and wraps his arms around his trim waist. He sees that it’s not just a few flakes, but a blizzard out there. The snow is blowing around and is coming down so heavily in big fat flakes that it completely obscures their view of their neighbors’ houses across the street. In the illumination from the streetlight, the flakes seem heavier, rushing down to meet the ground.

“Wow,” Ollie says softly. He plants a gentle kiss on Hank’s neck.

“She would have loved this. I just imagine taking her outside in the morning, making a snowman, making angels, having a snowball fight…all that stupid shit.”

Ollie tugs on Hank, pulling him back and toward the bed. “You talk about Addison like she’s dead, for heaven’s sake. She’ll be back at spring break.”

Ollie knows Hank has been sad that his niece has left and gone home to Pennsylvania, after spending Christmas with Hank and Ollie, along with her mother and Hank’s sister, Stacy. Once upon a time, the little girl had been in Hank’s care and he loved her, Ollie knew, as he would his own child.

Hank shrugged and followed Ollie back to the bed. They climbed in together. Hank was quiet for a long time and, as much as Ollie felt for his husband, knowing how much he was missing little Addison, he felt himself drifting off to sleep.

Hank rolled toward him and tweaked one of his nipples. That brought him awake again!

“We’ve been married now for two years,” Hank said.

“Hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s gone by so fast.” Ollie smiled and then leaned in close to Hank to kiss him.

They stayed that way for a few moments, lips and bodies pulled together, close, almost as one. Then Hank pulled away a little and stared into Ollie’s eyes. “Don’t you think it’s time?” Hank asked.

“Time for what?” Ollie didn’t really wonder. He knew what Hank was thinking. It made him smile…again.

“To grow our family. To have our own baby.” Hank stared into Ollie’s eyes and Ollie didn’t think he ever knew how a single look could contain so much love and want.

Ollie said, “Oh, sweetie, that would be wonderful. But we’re so busy these days, what with the catering growing and growing and growing.” They planned on hiring more people in the New Year and still, Ollie wondered if it would be enough.

Hank gave him a peck on the lips, biting down gently on Ollie’s lower lip as a kind of flourish. “We’ll always be busy. And we’ll always be in love. If you think that perfect moment of stillness is going to come out of the blue one day and we’ll just know the time is right, well, by the time it does, it may be too late.”

“You really want to have a baby? With me?” Ollie wondered about the logistics of it. A surrogate? Adoption? He supposed Hank wasn’t really looking to clarify such details right now. Right now, Ollie knew, all he was looking for were the three A’s: assent, accord, and agreement.

“No, with the mailman. Of course with you.” Hank grew quiet. He rolled away from Ollie to turn off the lamp beside the bed. The room was plunged into darkness, save for the rectangle of the big window opposite the bed. Outside the snow blew around crazily. Ollie knew it must be cold, blustery outside, but all the sight of that snow did was make him feel snug and warm.

With Hank.

He tapped Hank on the shoulder. “Wanna try right now?”

Hank rolled back over, smiling. “We could. Who knows what might happen?” Hank was already climbing on top of Ollie and Ollie opened his arms (and legs) to welcome him…home.

Suddenly, Ollie was not so tired.


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  1. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    A great story lovely and sweet just wonderful for a saturday afternoon.

  2. Ann Alaskan says:

    Thank you for the this warm cuddly short & the important discussion!

  3. Kendra says:

    Such a great little story looking into the future of Ollie and Hank. I’d love to see them with a baby. *hint, hint–I want more!* :-)

  4. Charlessorge says:

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