A Laughton Farm’s Wedding by Andrew Grey

January 14, 2015

Title: A Laughton Farm’s Wedding

Author: Andrew Grey

Pairing: Eli and Geoff from Love Means…Endurance

Prompt: collide

“Eli, sweetheart, if we don’t hurry, we’re going to be late,” Geoff said from the bedroom doorway and then stepped in.  He stepped up to him and gently stroked his shoulder.  “If you turn around I’ll help you.”

“I never wore one of these before,” Eli confessed. Not that it was a surprise to Geoff.

“Maybe, but you look really good in the tuxedo.”  Geoff smiled and helped Eli adjust the cummerbund and straighten his tie.

“You look nice too.  But I can’t believe Joey and Robbie insisted on these things for their wedding.  They said they wanted to have it at the farm so I thought it would be simple and instead they went in for all this finery.”

“Hey, the farm is home and they want to make this day as memorable as possible.  Besides, you are going to steal the show.”  Eli looked amazing, although Geoff thought he looked amazing all the time.  The man was made for formal wear.  He was still trim and toned, possibly still a little too thin, but he’d filled out well over the past year after his fight with cancer.  His eyes were bright and that spark, the light that Eli had that always seemed to warm every room he stepped in was back.  That alone was enough to get Geoff down on his knees to say thank you to the powers that be.  He smoothed the front of Eli’s shirt and stepped back.   “You look so handsome.”  Geoff handed Eli his jacket and shrugged his own on, making sure everything was straight before leaving the room and joining the others in the living room.

Jakey sat on the sofa in his tuxedo with Adelle in a buttercup yellow dress that was the epitome of spring.  Robbie’s mother was also there looking pleased and proud, wiping her eyes.  “By the time the ceremony starts my eyes are going to be cried closed.”  Robbie’s father soothed her gently.

“We’re all ready for you,” Tyrone said with a grin and led them out onto the side lawn that everyone had worked on a few months earlier to ensure every bed was filled with flowers.  Adelle and Robbie’s parents sat down in front while Jakey, Eli, and Geoff took their places in the back with Joey.  There was no bride or groom.  Instead Geoff, Eli, and Jakey were standing up for Joey, and Arie and Duane were acting as Robbie’s groomsmen.

Jakey shifted and looked around until the rest of the party joined then.  Arie led Robbie to where the rest of them waited.  A string quartet made up of some of Robbie’s former students began to play.  “Okay,” Tyrone cued and Geoff took Eli and Jakey’s hand and led them down the aisle of white chairs while everyone turned to watch.  They took their places at the left side and then Arie and Duane walked down the aisle, taking their places on the left.

The music died and then shifted to an excerpt of the Ode to Joy and Joey gently guided Robbie down the aisle.  When they reached the front, all of them formed an arc as Len stepped forward.  “I was overwhelmed and honored when Joey and Robbie asked me to perform their ceremony.”  Sniffles were heard from behind them and Geoff had to swallow and blink to keep the lump and tears at bay.  “Marriage is the joining of two hearts and spirits into one.  I was blessed to be here when these two met and I’ve also been honored and truly inspired by their devotion to each other.  I got to see them fall in love and watch that love grow and prosper over the years.  Joey… Robbie… you help bring light and life to all our lives.”  Len paused a few seconds.  “They have written vows to each other.  Robbie…”

Robbie turned to Joey who took his hands.  “Joey, you see me for who I am and I always promise to do the same for you.  I’ll love and cherish you for the wonderful man you are.  You fill my life with joy each and every day.   You have opened my life to more things than I could ever have imagined.  I rode my first horse with you and I planted my first garden.  I hope that our lives will be filled with many more firsts as we spend the rest of our lives together.”  Robbie stopped speaking and Geoff took Eli’s hand and they shared a smile while they both tried not to cry.  Jakey sniffed a little next to him and Geoff placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Joey…”  Len prompted.

“Robbie, I promise never to stop loving you and I will care for you and nurture you forever.  You filled my world with music and life.  Your eyes may not work, but you sometimes see better than anyone I know.  I hope that together we can continue to fill each other’s lives with joy and love forever.”

Len talked Joey and Robbie through the exchange of rings and then they turned toward everyone assembled.  “It is my pleasure to pronounce you Joey and you Robbie as legally married husbands.  You may kiss.”

Joey pulled Robbie into his arms and kissed him.  Eli shifted closer and Geoff put one hand on Eli’s shoulder and another on Jakey’s.  Everyone applauded and Joey and Robbie slowly made their way down the aisle with the rest of them following.  Tents had been set up just down the lawn and the photographer Joey had hired wrangled everyone together for pictures of the wedding party.  “I’d like to get a picture of the grooms with their families,” the photographer said and proceeded to take pictures of Joey and Robbie with Robbie’s parents and Joey’s mom.

“We need one more,” Joey said.  “We need a picture of our farm family.”   Joey hurried and whispered something to Jakey.  He smiled and nodded and then ran to Adelle as fast as his legs would carry him.  She shook her head but led Jakey away.  Geoff wondered what was going on but then a few minutes later they both returned with Jakey leading his Great Dane and Adelle leading Robbie’s.

“I guess Joey wanted us all.”  Geoff said and they all got into place with Jakey and the dogs in front, Robbie and Joey in the center, Geoff and Eli next to them and Len and Chris in the back.  They all smiled and the photographer snapped the pictures.

As everyone moved away Geoff turned to Eli and drew him closer.  “I love family pictures,” Geoff whispered.

“I know.  The walls are full of them and I keep wondering what we’ll do when we eventually run out of space,” Eli whispered.

“That’s easy.  We’ll get more walls.”  Geoff smiled and tugged Eli in closer for a kiss.


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12 Responses to “A Laughton Farm’s Wedding by Andrew Grey”

  1. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    Loved the wedding it was another wonderful story it’s so nice to have a peep into Geoff and Eli’s family life.

  2. Susan says:

    Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before this can really happen in Michigan!

  3. Becky Condit says:

    This certainly made me tear up, in the best way possible. I can’t imagine Andrew Grey writing a wedding scene without tuxedos, though! Sweet story.

  4. JoAnn says:

    The wedding was perfect!!!

  5. danielle says:

    Awwww beautiful what a great flashpart to see robbie nd joey get married and to also hear about Eli and Geoff
    <3 Dani

  6. Ann Alaskan says:

    Thank you Andrew for this beautiful wedding … all of got weepy watching the guys get married! One of the great events of one’s life!

  7. Martha says:

    Well I started to cry when I started reading The Wedding. Here is another winner for you Andrew. Thank you for introducing all of us to the Farm family.

  8. Lindsay Beeson says:

    I love it! What a gift. Thank you for the story and the coupon :)

  9. Cheryl says:

    Loved this wedding. I loved these guys from the beginning and all of the Farm Family.

  10. Nic Starr says:

    I love a wedding. Thank you.

  11. Dawn Roberto says:

    I am so going to re-read this entire series again. Love seeing a glimpse of the guys and gals :-)

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