A Cherry on Top by J.S.Cook

January 3, 2015

Title: A Cherry on Top

Author: J.S. Cook

Pairing: Nino and Stanley (from But Not For Me)

Prompt: Cherry


“No kid, that ain’t the way to do it.” Nino Moretti’s words would have sounded harsh to the untutored ear, but Stanley Zadwadzki knew Nino was gently teasing him. “You don’t just stick it in there.”

Stanley smirked. “Why don’t you show me how?” he asked. “Since you seem to be the expert here.”

“Got nothing to do with expertise,” Nino said smugly. “Got to do with experience, and that’s one thing I got.” He gestured to himself. “Nino’s been around the block a time or two.”

“Just a time or two?” Stanley asked, grinning. It had taken him a long, long time to go from terrified with Big Frank to comfortable with Nino. Big Frank was gone—out of the picture, no longer a topic of conversation. It went without saying that Stanley was madly, head-over-heels in love with Nino, and Nino with him. Nino didn’t like to say it too often, though, in case some of the other guys might think he was getting soft. Nino was plenty soft on Stanley, but that didn’t mean he wanted to broadcast it to the world.

“Ahhh I ought to give you the back of my hand,” Nino cried—but he was teasing. Nino had never laid a hand on Stanley in anything but love, and he never would. You’re the center of my world, kid. He’d said this on more than one occasion when they were lying together in Nino’s bed, wrapped in each other’s arms and drifting in the contented bliss that only comes after a vigorous session of lovemaking. Without you I’m nothin’ and nobody.

“What about if I hold it different?” Stanley asked. He loosened his grip on the object in question, grasping it loosely between his thumb and index finger. “Does that make it better?”

“Lemme see,” Nino said. He reached to adjust Stanley’s grip. “Now that’s more like it.” His smile widened. “Yeah… that’s definitely like it. And not so loud, huh?” He glanced around at the other inhabitants of the bar. “We’re in mixed company.”

“Oh yeah,” Stanley said. He leaned back on the barstool and craned his neck to look around the room. “I suppose it’s all right, as long as we’re among friends.” It was dark where they were sitting, and there was little chance of being discovered in flagrante or anything else.

“Friends!” Nino emitted a short, sharp bark of something like laughter. “I ain’t got no friends.” He watched Stanley’s progress for a moment. Stanley must have done something right, because Nino relaxed and smiled. “Now you’re getting it. You gotta put most of the pressure right on the top, with your thumb, like.”

Stanley playfully slapped his hand away. “Let me do it!” He dropped his voice. “You don’t like to make things easy on a guy.”

Nino’s hand came to rest on Stanley’s thigh, close enough to his cock that it obligingly twitched. “Do I got your interest?” Nino’s dark eyes were twin pools of mischief. Stanley loved seeing him this way: relaxed and open, enjoying himself.

“So you want me to hold it like this,” Stanley said, adjusting his grip. “And my thumb goes here….”

“Don’t rub it so hard,” Nino hissed, “you ain’t gotta take the top off it.”

Just to tease him, Stanley leaned close and touched it with the very tip of his tongue. Nino groaned. “You’re killing me, here.” He closed his fingers over Stanley’s hand, guiding the younger man, teaching him. “Like that… you feel that?” His grip tightened. “But hold off until the very end.” He licked his lips. “Too soon, and you’re liable to spoil the whole racket.” Nino’s breathing was noticeably rougher, and his carefully cultivated sangfroid was melting pretty quickly. “Don’t be afraid to get it wet. That’s the whole point. You gotta get it good and wet first.”

Stanley’s hand moved quickly, there and back again. He watched Nino’s reaction, was gratified to see an open expression of pure pleasure. He liked it when Nino got like this. It made Stanley love him even more. When Nino was like this—as opposed to having people shot and causing general havoc—it deepened Stanley’s feelings for him. “Like this?” Stanley asked.

“Perfect,” Nino breathed, “that’s goddamn perfect. Now let it go.”

Stanley looked at him, his head tilted in confusion. “Let it go? But it’ll sink.”

“Let it.”

Stanley’s tongue slipped between his teeth. “Are you sure?”

“Sure as shooting,” Nino said. He grunted as Stanley let go of it. Both men bent to watch the maraschino cherry sink gracefully to the bottom of Nino’s whiskey sour. “Some people put it in first, just stick it in there. Me, I like it afterwards. Otherwise it takes the edge off the whiskey.” He slid the glass towards Stanley. “Go on, try it.”

Stanley warily sipped the cocktail. Nino’s taste in whisky was considerably stronger than his own, but Nino had been drinking longer. Stanley’s Kansas childhood forbade the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and other things. It wasn’t until Stanley met Nino that he found out what he’d been missing all these years.

“It’s delicious,” Stanley said. “Thank you.”

Nino slid off the stool and tossed some bills down on the bar. “Come on,” he said. “We’re going home.”

“But it’s only eight thirty,” Stanley protested. “I thought we were going to spend the evening—”

“We are,” Nino cut in. “But doing something a whole helluva lot more interesting than this.”

Stanley practically purred. “I like the sound of that. Can we leave the lights on this time?”


Whiskey Sour recipe

2 oz blended whiskey
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp powdered sugar
1 cherry
1/2 slice lemon


Shake blended whiskey, juice of lemon, and powdered sugar with ice and strain into a whiskey sour glass. Decorate with the half-slice of lemon, top with the cherry, and serve.
Read more: Whiskey Sour recipe http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink4308.html#ixzz3MGdNbZBX


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