Fated Giveaway!

December 31, 2014

This is still Indra Vaughn, here to chat with you guys about my latest novel, Fated!

I didn’t have a particular setting in mind when I started writing the Shadow Mountain series. The towns are entirely made up, but a few months ago I went on a trip to the Smoky Mountains, and I have to say it fit my imagination perfectly.


Since you can’t have a murder mystery without a fair few dead bodies, Hart spends some of his time on a cemetery. I had a fairly idyllic place in mind, and quite by accident I came across a graveyard near Gatlinburg that fit the image completely. I took some photos with the idea I could share it with you here today.


There are some sad moments in the book, I won’t deny that, and one of the most difficult ones to write takes place in that cemetery. Hart is largely shaped by the loss in his life and it’s Isaac, his younger, gorgeous neighbor, who’ll be able to reshape him into the man he’s supposed to be. (It might just… take a while. But not three books, I promise.)

Now, I wouldn’t call this controversial, but it is a choice some readers might not agree with (and that’s totally okay!), and I spent a lot of time umming and erring whether or not to cut the scenes… Before Hart and Isaac get together, Hart has sex with another man. Twice! I didn’t cut them in the end because I felt they developed the other guy’s character in a way that was necessary. It isn’t love and they both know that, but they’re both living, breathing men, they’re single and lonely, and sometimes… people don’t make the right choices. So my question to you:

Do you absolutely nay books where the main character has sex with someone else? Why or why not?

At the end of my time on the blog today, I’ll toss all names of those who comment here in a hat and the winner will get an e-copy of the book!

Here’s another favorite song from the Fated playlist!

211 Responses to “Fated Giveaway!”

  1. S.C. Wynne says:

    Books are supposed to reflect real people. Real people are flawed. Real people have sex when they are lonely and sad. I can forgive the MC having sex with others if it is handled realistically, and before the two main guys are supposed to be exclusive. Life is messy. Love can be complicated. I don’t need cookie cutter MC’s.

  2. Angela says:

    No that would not be a no for me, because they weren´t together at the time.

    Cheating is a whole different thing for me i don´t like that in a book. But i must admit even that isn´t always a no for me either because if there is cheating and the person is really sorry and tells it than that would be kind of okay.
    I like it when a book tells a story with “real” life persons if you know what i mean and in real life we don’t always meet mr or mrs right right away :)

  3. lillyg100 says:


    I don’t care. As long as the MCs end up together at the end. At least it’s not easy way like most books where the end up together after 10 pages…

    Happy new year’s eve!

  4. Julie says:

    Well, for me it’s okay. As long as there is a happy ending. :) I like it, if the MC’s “have to work” for their relationship and don’t end up together on page 5. But I (often) don’t like books with evil ex-boyfriends or girlfriends – even more than cheating!

  5. Indra Vaughn says:

    It’s good to know it’s not a total turn off! I’m not a huge fan of cheating in romance either (or real life, obviously O.o) but then it all depends on the story. If it’s a compelling read and the author handles it well, I’m up for anything.

  6. Dawn says:

    For me, it can be acceptable and sometimes even understandable for one of the MC’s to have sex with another person before they begin connecting with the other MC in a more than casual way. I cannot abide “cheating” and have little faith that a new couple could build the trust and faith needed to continue to develop a relationship after the “cheating”.

  7. Trix says:

    I tend to dislike it, but I wouldn’t reject a book altogether without knowing the circumstances…

  8. Carolyn says:

    I’ve already resigned myself to not being a typical romance reader (What I mean is, I don’t have a lot of rules on what a romance is or has to have or not have), so I can tell you that I don’t have a problem with that. I think if it’s done well, and part of the story, why not? It’s a shame authors feel like they have to shape their story to what’s acceptable (or not) to a certain group of readers. I want to read the stories that an author wants to tell. Maybe they aren’t going to be for me, but they’re for someone.

    Congrats on finding a place that fit your story, by the way. I haven’t been to the Smoky Mountains, but I love mountains. It’s one thing I always say I have to have if I live somewhere. I grew up around them and they feel comforting, even if sinister things happen around them sometimes. ;)

  9. Jennifer says:

    I think it depends on the story and the reasons for the “cheating.” Also, the resolution of it is really important – how it is handled.

    Thanks for the post!

  10. Antonia says:

    It’s not an absolute no for me. I’m not a fan of cheating, but if the characters aren’t even together yet, I don’t generally have a problem with it.

  11. Waxapplelover says:

    I don’t condone cheating, but if it’s a prior “relationship” then there’s no issue for me.

  12. There’s a difference between having sex with someone else, and cheating. Cheating is never an attractive quality. I think a person who will find a way to justify it once, will do it again and again. So cheating, no. Sex, it’s fine when it contributes to character growth or plot.

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