What’s Next for A Spartan Love

December 8, 2014

A Spartan Love is the first book in the Spartan Love trilogy. A Tested Love and A Shared Love are already in the second draft phase. As soon as I finish the promo tour for A Spartan Love, I will get back to Andreas and Theron’s continuing story.

I wish I could tell you more about these stories, but that would be a major spoiler for A Spartan Love.

I also have the rough draft of Tempting Fate, the sequel to Alexios’ Fate, approximately 2/3 done. Tempting Fate will link the men from Alexios’ Fate, Body Language, and A Spartan Love.

I have an additional story planned for the Apollo’s Men series that features secondary characters from Tempting Fate and the Spartan Love arc.

Once I finish these, I have a humorous contemporary story in the works.

Alexios' Fatebody language coverA Spartan Love-final

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