Inspiration for A Spartan Love

December 8, 2014

What inspired A Spartan Love?

Frequently, I work from what I call an inspiration photo. The first book in the Apollo’s Men series, Alexios’ Fate, started this way with a photo of a young Greek man chained to a rock. He is the prince of a relatively unknown polis or city-state. Alexios, Galen and King Lykos have their own story arc.

I obviously needed to mix things up a bit so the next story arc wouldn’t be more or less the same. So I thought of the different city-states and what made them each unique.

Sparta, being vastly different from the rest of the Hellenic world, immediately came to mind. As a further bonus, Sparta had several unique social classes. And two of them, the helots and the kryptes, were natural enemies. So I guess in some fashion, A Spartan Love is an enemies to lovers story.

What do you like best about enemies to lovers stories?

A Spartan Love-final

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