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December 8, 2014

I know that all this history in A Spartan Love can sometimes be confusing. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the ancients had a different frame of reference and often a puzzling mindset that makes little sense to modern readers. I’ve attempted to point some of this out and explain their thinking in several posts on my blog. AB Gayle also quizzed me about Tales of Love in Ancient Greece.

Spartan Myths – Apollo Hayakinthios

Spartan Myths – Artemis Orthia

Spartan Myths – Spartan Warriors Embraced Homosexuality

Spartan Myths – Spartan Women Had to Dress Like a Man to Catch a Man

Spartan Myths – The Spartan Boy and the Fox

Spartan Myths – All Slaves Are Alike

Three Tales of a Greek King

Tales of Love in Ancient Greece

Which of the concepts do you find the most difficult to wrap your head around?

shutterstock_221502430 Temple of Apollo at Delphi


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