David Bret

October 20, 2014


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Hello, everyone. Better late than never to introduce myself to those who might not have heard of me. I’m thrilled for Dreamspinner to be publishing my second novel with them, one which I guess you could say is fiction very loosely based on fact. Dante’s story was typical of many at the time. A young man following the call of Nature, loving another man and seeing absolutely nothing wrong with this. It’s no coincidence that I am releasing by very hard-hitting (for some!) autobiography in the wake of this one. Many young men find themselves in the position where they feel they have to follow the dictates of their peers and put on some kind of lavender front. Dante does not do this. he is what he is, and so is a stone–those as don’t like him can leave him alone. That’s his motto! My first book with Dreamspinner, “Chanson”, was similarly loosely based on fact, and I hope that if you wonderful people like Dante, you’ll similarly like Marcel in the first book!

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  1. David Bret says:

    I’m new to blogging unless on my own Blog, so hopefully I won’t make a mess on Monday when I come here to talk about my second Dreamspinner novel, “Dante Alfonso”. This one is about Hollywood in the 1920s, and the world of silent movies. I’ve written many biographies–quite a few about Hollywood, yet I’ve never been there, only to Chicago, back in 1998 when I did a show about Rudolph Valentino, part of a festival with pornstar Karen Dior! Look forward to chatting here!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi David, I thought I’d let you know that IMHO the people who post here at DSP are kind and encouraging, unlike on fb, where people seem to delight in belittling each other.

  3. David Bret says:

    Thanks, Susan! That’s why I wanted to avoid Twitter. It’s an invaluable social media source, but can be a minefield of trolls!

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