Most Beautiful Words: In The Sunset Valley + Giveaway!

October 10, 2014

So, let’s talk a little bit more about Most Beautiful Words…! And then how about a giveaway?


Twelve-year-old Autumn’s world is shattered when her beloved Great-Pop, Tommy Johnson, suffers a stroke that leaves him comatose. With everyone around her resigning themselves to the inevitable, Autumn is the only one not willing to give up. She and Great-Pop have more secret stories to share with each other, after all. More stories about Roy McMillan—the great love of Tommy’s life whom he lost fifty years ago.

Autumn struggles to keep Great-Pop on this side of death’s door. But how can she compete with the beautiful and mysterious Valley—a place of surreal magic where the sun never fully sets? Especially when there’s someone familiar in the Valley who will do everything he can to keep Great-Pop from returning to her.

~ ~ ~

The idea for this story came to me one day as my husband and I were cleaning the kitchen. I think I had a grand total of three half-sentences to say about it. A little girl befriends an old man who’s lost his partner and the man tells her all the stories of his past. When NaNoWriMo 2012 came along, the story grew to encompass Tommy and Roy and Autumn.

The place in the Valley where the sun never sets? Inspired by meditation practice. When I was trying to calm my nerves for the day, I would imagine a cottage, forming every detail of it in my mind. By the time I went to put it to paper, it was very familiar to me.



Interested in winning a copy of Most Beautiful WordsComment below with your answer to the following question:

What are the most beautiful words you’ve ever heard?

12 Responses to “Most Beautiful Words: In The Sunset Valley + Giveaway!”

  1. Theo says:

    I’m not sure about the most beautiful words since people say them a million times already, but “I love you” is still my favorite phrase when said with conviction and honest emotion. I hope it qualifies

  2. JenCW says:

    The most beautiful words I’ve ever heard? “Your scan is clean and your blood work is good”, in reference to my 1 year post-treatment workup for cancer. I’m so happy to be in the clear.

  3. Kejara says:

    “Thank you for being my sister”. My little brother told me after I helped him against a bully.

  4. BabyBarlow says:

    Beautiful words from my mother: “Nothing matters to me than seeing you open your eyes again.” I had been in a coma for three months after a car accident.

  5. Ardent Ereader says:

    “I believe in you, you can do this” words of encouragement I needed to hear during a particularly difficult time.

  6. tea58 says:

    “I’m pregnant.”That’s what my sister told me in tears on the phone one day. Doctors have been telling her for 15 years that she couldn’t get pregnant because of her very fragile body. Now she have a very healthy and happy 6 years old baby girl.

  7. Susan says:

    “Congratulations” when I passed my final dissertation defense.

  8. *Dreamer* says:

    Difficult…well..”I’m breaking up with you.” Surely, you think I’m crazy but the very next day I met the love of my life so, I’m the one who won in the end:)

  9. Trix says:

    “You’ve been accepted,” when college admission time rolled around…

  10. Sula says:

    Oh such a tricky one, maybe the first time your child says a word that sounds like Momma or Dada, or when your partner says he loves you and you actually know he means it, or when you hearing him calling you his annoying pet name for you after you have been apart due to his deployment, or when your father receives the good news that he is in remission. There are so many beautiful words, which may not appear to be beautiful, but they are when when you can feel the amazement, tenderness, joy, or even happiness when they are spoken.

  11. H.B. says:

    “You are what you believe you are”. My sister said this to me when I was extremely depressed and felt lost. It really helped me through some tough times.

  12. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful I think all of your most beautiful words are–I definitely wasn’t able to ‘pick’ one, so I let do the picking. Tea58 was chosen randomly and should be hearing from Dreamspinner Press about the prize if you haven’t already.

    Thank you so much to everyone who shared! My most beautiful words were probably, “You are enough,” or, “You’ve got to let us love you,” from a friend at my lowest point when I felt like I was nothing.

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