Summer Fever: The Norwegian Mountains

September 10, 2014

TT Kove here, back to continue the release party of my novella Summer Fever. For this post I shall tell you a bit more about the setting of the book: The Norwegian Mountains. And let me just say, Norway has a lot of mountains.

Ever since I was little, my grandparents had a cabin up in the mountains, and we used to spend our holidays there. A few weeks during summer holidays, Easter holiday, Winter break, Autumn break… Only holiday we didn’t spend in the cabin was Christmas, I believe. Especially Easter was fun, when I was a kid anyway, as we were so excited about the Easter Bunny leaving eggs for us outside, which we had to go out digging in the snow for, as well as look for his tracks in it to give us a pinpoint on where he’d been.

But, Summer Fever is set up in the mountains in summer, which is an entirely different thing. Norway is beautiful when everything is covered in white snow, but the summer… the summer’s brilliant with all it’s colours, all the trees blooming green! I’m just going to leave you with a few pictures:


Look at that green grass! But even in the middle of summer, some mountains are still covered in snow.

Naturarkivet-KA_01_00_0209 [1]

Fallen tree in a forest. Again, look at all that green!


And this one, looking out over a forest, a fjord and the surrounding mountains.


Question: Do you like to hike? If given the chance, would you like to go hiking in the beautiful nature of Norway?


TT Kove

4 Responses to “Summer Fever: The Norwegian Mountains”

  1. H.B. says:

    Really beautiful pictures. I’m really not an outdoorsy person and I’m actually pretty clumsy. I don’t think hiking would be the ideal activity for me but who knows maybe one day.

  2. TT Kove says:

    It should definitely be tried out. ;-) I’m more a fan of the woods, as steep hiking isn’t really something for me. I haven’t got the breath for it. :-P

  3. Stella says:

    I would love to go hiking in your country, it’s really beautiful. I’m working on my breath, maybe next summer? Lol

  4. TT Kove says:

    Yeah, I have to work on it too! Can do that through winter ;-)

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