Gav. Attraction Launch Party – How about the SF and Fantasy Readers?

July 21, 2014


There are a lot of stereotypes in regard to fantasy vs SF readers, e.g. most SF readers are young, geeky males under 25 who spend most of their time gaming. And discussing gaming. And arguing about gaming. While Fantasy readers are supposed to be more female slanted and all do cosplay and larping and sit around discussing if it was appropriate to expand Arwen’s role in the LotR movies.

I suppose if you go to conventions, you’ll see some truth to this. But I do find, in general, a large percentage of fantasy fans enjoy SF as well and vice versa. Sure, there are some fantasy folks who like their stories fluffier, who don’t want to deal with tech or feel intimidated by the laws of physics and so on. Sure, there are SF fans who turn their noses up at fantasy as the less intellectual cousin of SF.

Most readers of genre fiction, though, are more broad minded than the stereotypes give credit. Most avid readers will devour a wide range of menu options. Yes, I do recall being the only girl at most D&D games (as well as the only person on any sort of athletic team, lol) That’s a long time ago, though. The genres have grown and so has the readership.

Did peeps follow me over to the dark side? Sure. :) I’ve even had several who said “gosh, I don’t usually read SF, but I liked this.”

Sort of in the “try it, you’ll like it” category. It’s my brilliant master plan to make SF readers out of them all (insert evil laugh) and to lure the SF readers over to play with magic.

4 Responses to “Gav. Attraction Launch Party – How about the SF and Fantasy Readers?”

  1. Susan says:

    Since my early reads included Tolkien as well as Heinlein, I’ve always read widely in genre fiction.

  2. Norton and Lewis, Cooper and L’Engle! Yep, I’ve always said I read BOTH kinds of fiction, lol

  3. JJ says:

    Although I stopped at book 6 or 7, Asimov’s Foundation series was favorites SF book series of mine.

  4. Absolutely, JJ – and I never finished them either

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