Ordinary People by E E Montgomery

May 17, 2014

That’s all the time I have. I have to finish packing because I’m due on a ship in a few hours.

I’ve enjoyed being here and sharing things with you.

Before I go: who won the free copy of Ordinary People? Debra E., your account of the rabid baseball fan and his mistimed call to work made me laugh out loud. Email me at eemontgomery11@gmail.com and I’ll send you a copy of Ordinary People in the format of your choice.

You can find my author page at Dreamspinner Press here. My website/blog also has my contact details if any of you want to continue the discussion.

Happy reading!


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2 Responses to “Ordinary People by E E Montgomery”

  1. Debra E says:

    Thank you so much!

  2. eemontgomery says:

    You’re welcome.

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