Release Party: Holding on to Hope by Sid Love

February 14, 2014


I am Sid Love – the author of newly released DSP Book titled – “Holding on to Hope” and today I am here to celebrate this special moment of my life. After all, my dream of becoming a published author has finally come true!

What am I planning on doing here?

To spend some time with you guys and have a blast!

Let’s start, why don’t we have some music on, eh? Here’s my pick of song – “Applause” by Lady Gaga! I have bribed the DJ and he will be taking requests from all of you, so don’t be shy and let us know what song you think would set the party mood. :D

And since, it’s Valentine’s Day, it definitely calls for a double celebration. I love this day so much because I believe in it strongly :D So does my main character Bradley Parker and that belief strengthens when he meets his Mr. Right on the Valentine’s Day -

Holding on to HopeDescription:

Bradley Parker has waited twenty years for Mr. Right, and on Valentine’s Day, he finally finds him. It’s love at first sight, and Brad even loses his virginity to the man of his dreams. But when he wakes up the next morning unable to remember anything—even what the man looked like—his best friend, Leslie, is convinced he imagined the whole thing. Brad knows he didn’t make up the best night of his life, but he has no idea of the danger he’s putting himself in as he struggles to recall the details of his perfect man. His search may lead him to parts of New York City he never dreamed existed and a war being waged in the shadows.

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If you wish to ask me anything about me or the book or anything in general, please feel free to post your question in the comments below. I will try and make sure that it is answered.

Also, I will be giving away an e-copy of my book. Every commenter to my posts gets entered into the contest automatically so don’t forget to leave a comment!

17 Responses to “Release Party: Holding on to Hope by Sid Love”

  1. So happy for you, Sid!

  2. Andrea M says:

    You’ve wanted to be a published writer for a long while – why now and why this story? What came together for you and let you know this was the one. It looks like a great book and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. Sid Love says:

    Thank you Ash! It’s such an amazing feeling :D

  4. Sarah V-H says:

    Big congratulations, Sid.
    It’s sitting on my virtual bookshelf right now and I’ll be reading it later. X

  5. Sid Love says:

    That’s a very good question Andrea. You are right, I have always wanted to be an author. But being a published author requires the level of skills for it. I knew I had the gift of story-telling and the creativity but I also knew the level was yet to be achieved. All these years, I like to think I have been practicing with several stories that I wrote till date. But when I wrote “Holding on to Hope”, I just knew I had to share this with the world! People who read it back then insisted that I should consider publishing it. So here I am :)

  6. Sid Love says:

    Thank you so much Sarah! Your support has always been inspiring xx

  7. Tali Spencer says:

    So how does it feel, being an author and having your book out there for the world to see? :) Congratulations, by the way! Getting a book published is an amazing accomplishment.

  8. I really love your cover image, Sid. You mentioned on another blog that this was what you wrote that you’d like your dream cover to be. Would you mind sharing what you wrote in the cover art request? I’d love to see how the words translated into the image.

  9. Sid Love says:

    Tali – Thank you! It feels wonderful. A bit unbelievable coz I never thought I would be a published author at 22 :D But that is seriously a nice feeling that I have achieved something big!

    Ashavan – Here is what I described my dream cover art was:
    I want to have Ronan on top of Brad as they are in bed – naked. Brad is looking at a locket hanging around Ronan’s neck. Oh yes, the locket looks like this:

    (and I included an image of the pendant)

    The very talented Paul Richmond created the masterpiece based on just that.

  10. Debra E says:

    Congratulations Sid! I absolutely love the cover and wish you the best!

  11. Sid Love says:

    Thank you Debra!! Glad to see you stopped by :)

  12. Trix says:

    I love your blog, so I know I’ll love the book! How has your reviewing and blogging influenced your fiction writing?

  13. Sid Love says:

    Hi Trix!! I see you commenting on my blog every now and then and it pleases me to know that we have a loyal following :)
    To answer your question – reviewing and Blogging has helped me a lot, I believe. I have come to learn more about writing with this approach. It showed me Do’s and Dont’s of writing in a practical manner. After all, while reviewing, it was the reader in me who always perused the matter and getting a readers’ perspective always helps :)

  14. Denise says:

    Congratulations on the book. After reading the blurb I had to put it on my to be read list. Can’t wait to read. Are you currently working on anything besides your blog?

  15. Lisa G says:

    Congratulations Sid on your book. I’ve said before but I absolutely love this cover and can’t wait to read this book. I visit your blog daily so how did I not know you are only 22! :)

  16. Sid Love says:

    Yes Denise. I am currently working on the sequel to this book :) And there’s one more story that I am working but I wouldn’t wanna talk about it as of now. You’ll know once I begin to publicise it ;)
    And Thanks Lisa! I am so happy to hear that you like my blog so much :D

  17. Sid, my lovely, my review has been published on Goodreads, sorry it took so long :( You write an excellent story, and did a great job with this one. I too love the cover, it’s just lovely and I look forward to your next offerings for us all :)

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