New releases: October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Flying Colors by Clare London

Red lives the party life and has it all. But he wants real love and wants it with gun-shy Carter. But Carter has a sexy secret. Flying Colors by Clare London, available from Dreamspinner Press.

True Colors: Book 5

Red De Vere appears to have everything—good looks, a prestigious job, attention from the paparazzi, and a choice of lovers. But one day he takes an outrageous step too far at a formal embassy dinner, and the press turns on him. Shocked, he realizes it’s time to find something better in life than partying. He envies the love that his friends Miles and Zeke have, and when he dares to consider that possibility for himself, his hopes and desires rest in his quiet, serious friend Carter Davison.

Carter loved a man who cheated on him, then died violently, and he refuses to make himself vulnerable again. He knows Red is interested; Red has been supportive and admiring since they met. And Carter’s honest enough to admit he’s attracted to Red. But Carter can also think of nothing worse than being the lover of someone in the public eye. Playboy Red must stay an attractive friend, that’s all.

While Red yearns for something real, Carter has some sweet, sexy secrets that might surprise even Red. If Carter dares emerge from his shell, and Red pursues a more rewarding path, romance could spark. Then there’s no telling what might happen.

Length: Novel (234p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: October 7, 2013 | Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-199-6) | Buy as Paperback ($14.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-198-9)


Trusting Thomas by  K.C. Wells

Abused sub Peter finds calm and peace with his rescuer, Thomas. But his abuser lingers, endangering both men, and Thomas falls for Peter. Trusting Thomas by  K.C. Wells, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Collars and Cuffs: Book 2

Christmas is a time for goodwill to all, but Collars and Cuffs co-owner Thomas Williams receives an unexpected gift that chills him to the bone. A Dom from another Manchester club asks Thomas for his help rescuing an abused submissive, Peter Nicholson. Thomas takes in the young man as a favor to a friend, offering space and time to heal, but he makes it clear he’s never had a sub and doesn’t want one.

Peter finds Thomas’s home calm and peaceful, but his past has left him unwilling to trust another Dom. When Thomas doesn’t behave as Peter expects, Peter’s nightmares begin to fade, and he decides he’d like to learn more about D/s life. A well-known trainer of submissives, Thomas begins to teach Peter, but as the new submissive opens up to him, Thomas finds he cares more for Peter than he should. Just as he decides it’s time to find a permanent Dom for Peter, they discover Peter’s tormentor is still very much a threat. With their lives in danger, Thomas can’t deny his feelings for Peter any longer. The question now becomes, can Peter make it out of the lions’ den alive, so that Thomas can tell his boy that he loves him?

Length: Novel (282p.) | Genre: BDSM/Kink, Contemporary | Release Date: October 7, 2013 | Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-329-7) | Buy as Paperback ($16.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-328-0)

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I love the cover of Flying Colors. It’s unusual and with a lot of feeling behind it.

  2. clarelondon says:

    Isn’t it fabulous, Cynthia? I mean, I’m biased obviously *lol* – but I’m so proud it’s on my book :)

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