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October 7, 2013

From Clare London :

Good day from the UK to you all. I was up with the lark today and over-excited from minute#1 with the release of Flying Colors! Today I’ll be chatting here on the blog, with some background info that I hope you find interesting, about me, the book and the characters. I’ll also offer a couple of giveaways and plenty of chances for you to ask me whatever you like about the guys I’ve come to love – and hope you have too. And, of course, there’ll be oodles of reading matter in excerpts :) .

Red De Vere appears to have everything—good looks, a prestigious job, attention from the paparazzi, and a choice of lovers. But one day he takes an outrageous step too far at a formal embassy dinner, and the press turns on him. Shocked, he realizes it’s time to find something better in life than partying. He envies the love that his friends Miles and Zeke have, and when he dares to consider that possibility for himself, his hopes and desires rest in his quiet, serious friend Carter Davison.

Carter loved a man who cheated on him, then died violently, and he refuses to make himself vulnerable again. He knows Red is interested; Red has been supportive and admiring since they met. And Carter’s honest enough to admit he’s attracted to Red. But Carter can also think of nothing worse than being the lover of someone in the public eye. Playboy Red must stay an attractive friend, that’s all.

While Red yearns for something real, Carter has some sweet, sexy secrets that might surprise even Red. If Carter dares emerge from his shell, and Red pursues a more rewarding path, romance could spark. Then there’s no telling what might happen.

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I never thought when I first released True Colors with Dreamspinner in 2009 that not only would readers enjoy the story of the cool businessman Miles Winter and the volatile, outrageous artist Zeke Roswell but that I’d get requests to see more of the secondary characters – Miles’ playboy friend Red De Vere and Zeke’s protective brother-substitute Carter Davison. Red and Carter met in True Colors as follows:

Carter turned around to say goodbye and found Zeke staring at a man on the other side of the street. The man was watching them. He didn’t look like a stalker and he wasn’t hiding. In fact, he looked like he’d been on the way over but had hesitated, waiting respectfully for them to finish their conversation. The man’s eyes flickered between the two of them, and settled on Carter.

Carter felt unsettled.“Who is it, Zeke? Someone for you?”

“You met him once, Carter, at the first show. It’s Red De Vere—Miles’s friend, Mr. Rich Playboy. And I think it’s you he wants to see.”


The traffic stopped and Red was now striding purposefully over toward them.

Zeke pressed Carters arm once. “Be good, huh?” Then before Carter could reply, Zeke had gone, dodging a group of office workers on their way home and cutting through the line of cars and taxis to get across. He was grinning all the way, not bothering to hide that from Carter.

Red De Vere paused in front of Carter, smiling slightly. “Mr. Davison? Sorry to butt in. I called around at your flat with a note, but the man in the downstairs room said youd be here at the bar. It wasn’t far…. I thought I might catch you before you moved on elsewhere.”

Called around with a note? Carter was puzzled. What on earth did he want to send me a note for?

“I wanted to meet you,” continued Red, obviously seeing the surprise on Carter’s face. For the first time he looked uncomfortable. “Dammit, I thought itd be too easy for you to turn me down on the phone. I wanted to explain what I think we need to discuss. Wanted to see you face to face, I guess.”

Carter stared at him. De Vere was as tall as him, though fuller in figure. A stunning man, Carter noted. Striking, classically handsome features; light blond hair cut short over his ears, but longer over the forehead and into the nape of his neck. Wide shoulders. He carried himself very confidently. Yes…. Carter noted again, albeit rather unnecessarily, Red De Vere was a gorgeous-looking man, dressed to perfection in dark linen trousers and shirt, under a well-cut raincoat and finished off with soft leather boots. Footwear like that must have cost a fortune; the clothes even more so. Carter wondered, bemused, why he was considering the economics of another mans clothes. It wasn’t as if he had much interest in fashion. He felt a little disorientated.

Heads turned as the crowd ebbed and flowed around them on the pavement. The admiration was all for Red, of course. Carter looked back at the mans face, and saw amusement sparking in the large, pale eyes. It masked the flicker of uncertainty that had been blossoming there.

“Will you have a drink with me? Since Mr. Roswell has now left?”

“Here?” asked Carter, bluntly.

Red shrugged. It was an elegant, attractive gesture, and Carter suspected that he knew that well enough. “Beer tastes the same wherever, I find. Id sure appreciate your company.”

“Is this to do with Zeke? Is that why you want to see me?”

Red bit at a full, soft lip. “Partly. You have a most direct way about you, Mr. Davison. I must admit I have a quaint distaste for discussin my personal business on the pavement….”

Carter nodded. Fair enough. He appreciated honesty in return, didn’t he? “Im sorry, Mr. De Vere. I must seem very rude. You just caught me by surprise. Lets go back inside and have a drink. Unless youd rather reconsider the venue?”

Reds eyebrows rose very slightly. He looked across at the entrance to Martys, appraising the dull windows and the thick paneled wooden door, and probably smelling the slight aroma of stale beer on the breeze. He looked back at Carter.

Carter smiled, slowly. “Not your usual setting?”

But Red didn’t look either insulted or annoyed. He smiled back, his eyes searching Carters. Despite himself, Carter felt something stir in his gut—something that piqued his curiosity.

“Marty’s will be fine,” Red said. “Lead the way.” His smile was easy and charming, though maybe a little cautious. “And you can buy the first round.”


And the rest, as they say…

While Miles and Zeke fought through their romance with argument and fierce passion, Red began a slow but determined pursuit of the quiet, introverted Carter. They were in the background then. They’re in the front of house by now! If you’re interested to see where that intitial spark took them – how on earth the socialite Red could ever find common ground with the serious, withdrawn Carter – whether all that unresolved sexual tension would ever find its own outlet…?!

Well you’ve come to the right place! Settle back and ENJOY!

~~~Clare London~~~

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