Sexy Six Anniversary Short – Treehouse Love by JP Barnaby

May 31, 2013

Josh cried out as Brandon slammed into him, the condom just barely visible through the camera while I adjusted the focus. Kenny, a recent addition to the ever growing Raging Hearts family, had a knack for capturing the guys’ expressions so he ran the second camera. We’d splice everything together during editing, clean up the audio, and showcase it on the site in a few months. No muss, no fuss. I liked Brandon and Josh—they liked to strip, fuck, and get paid. I didn’t have to deal with any shit from them and that’s exactly why I scheduled them together for today. Today was special and I didn’t need a fucking twelve hour shoot with pills, injections, a diva top, or a whiny bottom.

“Yeah, like that,” Josh half-whispered to Brandon, barely registering with the camera microphones. It was a statement just for Brandon telling him how to get Josh off so we could finish the scene with a spectacular money shot. Brandon pushed Josh’s legs just a little higher and spread them for the camera as his scene partner jerked his own cock in a steady rhythm. I’d already told them to wrap it up, so Josh paid particular attention to the head, knowing from years of experience exactly what he had to do in order to get himself there as Brandon nailed his ass.

I drew the shot back, focusing on the way Brandon’s hips undulated in quick but smooth thrusts and his muscled ass flexed. Josh began to moan, his back arching, and Kenny changed his angle so he could capture both Josh’s face and the come shot. I focused on Josh’s hand as it jerked his dick and the incessant pounding of Brandon’s cock in his ass.

“I’m gonna come,” Josh gasped for the benefit of the camera and their operators. Brandon moved faster, closing in on his climax. The come shot from the top is almost incidental; it’s the bottom’s come shot the guys jerking off are waiting for. They want to hear it, see it, and feel it themselves as they race the bottom to the finish line.

Speaking of the finish line…

Josh’s head fell back onto the bed and his cock erupted. White streams of semen shot over his abs and managed to reach his chest. It was always such a contest with these guys—who could shoot farther, as if they had any fucking control over it. The mics picked up his low, strained moans, the grunts of pleasure as he coated his skin. I caught Brandon’s attention and asked him silently how close; he simply nodded. Thank fuck for that. I didn’t want to wait another hour for him to get himself off. We’d have to stop, get Josh to clean himself up, apply silicone lube so it looked like fresh jizz, and wait. Luckily for me, Brandon could get off with a stiff breeze so we didn’t have to stop.

If Brandon weren’t straight, Josh might have reached down and stroked his balls to help him off, but we all knew to just let him go. The big blond would close his eyes, think about his pretty little wife, and round out the scene. Within ten minutes, he’d added his own spunk on Josh’s abs.

“Great job guys,” I said once the cameras stopped filming and the boys were climbing off the bed. “I’m going to toss in a bonus because you didn’t give me any crap and got me out early today. I really appreciate that.” Brandon threw on a pair of loose shorts over his softening cock and shrugged.

“Dude, I’m married. I get it. Besides, we were at your wedding,” he said, tossing a glance at Josh, who nodded. Brandon pulled a faded T-shirt over his head and asked, “How’s Jamie doing? He never really comes by the studio anymore.”

“The publisher had some changes they wanted him to make on his new book, and he’s been working his ass off to make their ridiculous deadline.” I averted my eyes, packing up the camera so they couldn’t see the disappointment in them. It was our very first anniversary and I hadn’t even heard from Jamie. He’d been gone when I got up, probably off to Starbucks to work on his edits because he couldn’t concentrate at home. We’d been missing each other the last couple of weeks, passing like ships in the night because we were both inundated with work.

After paying Brandon and Josh, I checked my phone and saw the text I’d sent Jamie was still unanswered—even unopened. My heart sank. Rather than going straight home like I’d planned and setting up a candlelight dinner Jamie might not even show up for, I grabbed the memory card out of the camera and started checking the prelims. It was only out of sheer desperate hope that I went upstairs and douched before leaving the studio.

It was just past dusk when I arrived home to our house, dark save for the glow of the lighted porch.

Jamie still wasn’t driving. Though his seizures were mostly controlled by medication, his doctor hadn’t signed off for the state of California to let him behind the wheel. Starbucks was about ten minutes away anyway, so if I didn’t drop him on my way in to the studio, he would walk. The porch light glowed as I tried the door to find it locked. My heart clenched. He’d forgotten our anniversary.

Pushing open the door, I shoved the hurt down deep. I’d promised myself when we got married that I wouldn’t doubt our relationship. Jamie loved me, without question. I couldn’t even blame the book because I knew he’d worked so hard on it. The story of two gay boys who had been fucked by the Sunshine Center just like he had. It was important to him. I hated how selfish I’d become.

When I saw the living room, I stopped dead in the doorway. The furniture had been pushed out of the way, and an inflatable mattress, maybe even the mattress, lay dormant in the middle of the room. A small camping lantern, like we’d had in the tree house, sat on one of the side tables next to it. I’d just taken in the scene and what it meant when Jamie came into the room. His blond unruly hair, which I’d begged him to keep long, was wet from a shower. He stepped directly in front of me, cradled my face in his hands, and kissed me so tenderly I could have wept.

I moaned into his mouth and prayed he didn’t have dinner ready.

“I want to make love to you,” he whispered against my ear after breaking the kiss, “thoroughly, slowly, just like that very first time.” I nodded even as my arms wound around his neck. God yes.  Pressing my body closer, I tried to kiss him again, but he murmured against my lips. “Then, I’ll feed you and take you up to our bed.” I nodded again, and he took a step back, pulling me toward the inflatable mattress.

“Is this—?” I started to ask before I lost my balance and dropped onto the mattress without a modicum of grace. He chuckled as he pulled the polo shirt over his head and bared his chest. Any other questions I might have had fled my mind at the sight of his bare skin. I saw it almost daily, but here in the soft light of his makeshift version of the tree house, a replica of the place where we lost our innocence to each other, it was like seeing him for the first time.

“Is this the mattress?” he asked, finishing my question as he unbuttoned his jeans. I pulled my own T-shirt off as I sat up. “Yeah, baby, it is. I got everything from my dad’s over the weekend and hid it in the garage. Even the fan and the radio came from our tree house.” He tilted his head to indicate another table I’d missed where the old radio and fan sat quietly in the background.

“I love you so much.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him down on top of me. It didn’t matter that his jeans scraped against my skin; I just wanted to feel him, to hold him. He was my whole fucking world and everything in it. My head pushed back against the pillow with the force of his kiss. In it were his love and need for me I felt with every meeting of our eager mouths. He whispered my name between our lips and I threaded my fingers through the silky strands of his blond hair. My heart pounded in my chest, just as it had our very first time together. The only thing missing was the sound and smell of rain.

“You are my soul,” he murmured against my jaw. My head fell back as his lips found the pulse point on my neck, kissing it and sucking with almost no force, just enough to make me ache for him. I loved the way his body fit perfectly against mine when I wrapped my legs around his waist and arched up into him. He wasn’t all the way hard yet, but the friction of our bodies was getting us both there faster than I ever thought possible.

His absence from my life still haunted my nightmares, but in moments like this, where I could feel him and smell him and touch him, I could keep the fear locked away. I focused on the way his lips closed over my nipple and a wild, desperate craving to have him inside me exploded through my body. The only sounds in the room were his slow sweet kisses on my skin and our harsh, needy breaths. With surprising speed, Jamie popped the buttons on my jeans, even as his mouth slid down my abs with a peppering of tiny whispered kisses. When he reached the top of my briefs, I couldn’t stop the strangled cry or the way my hips thrust up to meet his touch.

Jamie tugged hard at the denim, jerking the jeans down my legs and then off over my feet. The briefs came with them, and I don’t know or care where any of it landed. I cared only that I lay naked before my beautiful Jamie. He nuzzled his face against my hip bone, his hair tickling my abs as I ran my fingers through it. I loved the tenderness between us.

Then my cock was in his mouth and all other thoughts left me.

“God, baby,” I moaned even as my fingers tightened in his hair. My breath caught in my throat when he took me deep and I barely registered him pulling his own cock out of his jeans to stroke it while he sucked me. Jamie sucked hard, pulling at the head with his lips. After a minute, he stripped off his pants and briefs so we were both naked and wanting.

“Move up higher,” Jamie said after letting go of my dick with a pop of his lips. My legs felt like jelly, but I crab-walked backward a foot or so up on the mattress. Jamie moved right with me, pushing one of my legs up so he could continue to explore me with his mouth. Moving lower past my cock, he massaged my balls with his tongue. First one, taking it deep into his mouth as I held my knee to my chest to give him room, and then the other, while stroking my spit-covered dick with his fist.

It felt so good, I wanted to beg him to fuck me right then, but it was obvious he wanted to take his time. When he held my other knee up and out, spreading me to him, and slid his tongue into my ass, I cried out, fisting the back of his hair. Fuck, we hadn’t done that the first time we made love. I whimpered as his thumbs held me open. It felt like he was digging the last of the ice cream out of the carton. Jesus. He didn’t miss even the smallest bit of skin. My cock ached, I was so hard.

I wanted to suck him too, but he’d already grabbed a bottle of lube hidden beneath one of the pillows. The overwhelming need to feel him inside me won out over the desire to watch him writhe on the bed with his dick in my mouth. I kept my knee to my chest so he could coat my hole with lube. Jamie was always careful with me. It didn’t matter to him I used to fuck guys for a living; he continued to be gentle and loving because that was Jamie.

He straightened my leg and kissed the inside of my knee as it rested over his shoulder. The back of my thigh strained when he leaned forward to kiss me. The scruff on Jamie’s face scraped my palm as I cupped his cheek, and my heart swelled with love for him. For a moment, it filled me so completely I couldn’t breathe. I could almost hear the rain beating on the tree house roof. I could almost see the boy that Jamie had been, sweet and scared as he hovered above me that very first time. As he slid into me, however, the fear and the pain I’d felt back then were absent. It was just Jamie and me, making love like we’d done hundreds of times before.

I felt him moan “Brian” against my lips when he slid home, his hips barely touching my ass with short, gentle thrusts. My fingers wrapped around the back of his neck and pulled his head down so I could capture his lips. We panted into each other’s mouths until he dropped his forehead to my shoulder and drove his cock into me in earnest. I loved the way he stretched me, making me feel every inch of him as he made me his all over again.  I would always be his. Always.

Nothing, not even sound, could have wedged between us as we made love, as close as two people could ever be. God, I needed him more than air. He was like sunshine on my soul. As I turned my face slightly toward him, I buried my nose in his hair. The sweet smell of sweat and coconut made my cock throb against his stomach. I longed to reach down and stroke my dick, but if I did, it would end, and I never wanted Jamie to stop.

After what felt like no time at all, he whispered to me, begging softly for me to touch myself because he couldn’t hold back much longer. The intensity of the emotions between us coupled with our amazing, dynamic attraction for each other made everything so sharp, so focused, like a single point of light that radiated through every part of our lives. We could lie together in bed, spending hours on end without words.

My hand slid, almost unconsciously, between us, and I rubbed my swollen cock. Jamie stopped for just a moment to grab the lube and drizzle a bit onto my fingers. Then I laughed as he slapped the cap against his thigh and flung the bottle over his shoulder. With my left arm wrapped around his shoulders, I used my right hand to get myself closer to the point where we could come together. We liked to do that sometimes, one of us slowing down to let the other catch up so that we could find nirvana in each other’s arms.

His labored breathing in my ear told me I needed to go faster if I wanted to keep pace, so I twisted my fist over the head with each fast stroke. Jamie let my leg slip from his shoulder but pulled my other leg higher. The change in position, the incredible vulnerability of being spread wide for him, drove me so much closer. When his dick glanced off my hot spot, I whimpered in his ear and he did it again. And again. And again.

“Jamie,” I murmured into his hair, tightening my hold around him as my muscles began to tighten. He answered with his own harsh groan and drove deep as his orgasm exploded into me. Crying out, I focused every bit of my energy on the way my groin tingled and my balls tightened against my body. He didn’t slow, trying to get me there, and after a long minute, I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and shot my load between us.

“Yeah, baby,” he moaned against my lips as his forehead pressed against mine. He held me as our bodies shook and my cock continued to press against his stomach, tracing lines in the cooling semen on our skin. When he pulled back, I don’t think I’d ever seen such a look of tenderness on his face.

“All those years ago, I prayed that we would be here one day,” he said, one hand cradling my cheek and love shining in his eyes. “I never dared to hope, especially after they took me away from you, but I prayed. Our marriage is the answer to that prayer, Brian. I may not believe in my mother’s kind of God, but I do think he exists, if for no other reason than that he sent me my very own angel.”

A single tear ran down my cheek at his words, and I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him with long, slow deliberation.

“I love you, Jamie. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. While I’m not sure I believe in God, I have to wonder because I prayed too. I begged him to keep you safe until I could find you.”

“Happy anniversary, baby. It’s you and me—forever.”


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