Storm Season by Nessa L. Warin

February 25, 2013

As the storms begin, Jasper and Tobias set out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth. Storm Season by Nessa L. Warin, available from Dreamspinner Press.

In Brightam’s Ford, a storm is coming. Ranch owner Jasper Borland and the rest of the townspeople have been rushing to prepare for the months of destructive weather the wet season brings, but with their limited technology, survival can be a struggle in itself. When Jasper finds a lost, injured young man on his property, he has no choice but to take him in. At least he’s quiet.

Unable to speak, the young man communicates by projecting his thoughts—a process that hurts anyone he isn’t touching. Since most people fear him, that means everyone but Jasper. Soon Jasper learns his guest is a telepath, a northerner named Tobias Thatcher, who is searching for his kidnapped sister, Samantha. Hesitant to leave and wary to stay, Tobias must find his sister before the men who took her follow through on their plans.

When the men come for Tobias, he can remain at Jasper’s no longer. But Jasper can’t let him go out alone. As the storms begin, he and Tobias set out on a dangerous journey to save Samantha and uncover the truth.

Length: Novel | Genre: Science Fiction, Other Paranormal |Release Date: February 25, 2013

Buy as eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62380-325-4) | Buy as Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62380-324-7)

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