Analyzing Emory– What’s a Release Party without some music?

January 4, 2013

So, Emory, one of my beloved MCs, works at a music store called Alternative Scene. Emory and Kyle’s similar taste in music is one of ways they bond early on in the book.

I’m a huge music fan. And, in this day and age, when most music consumption is through iTunes or Amazon, I long for the days when I could wander into small, quaint record stores and browse for hours. Independent record stores are very few and far between nowadays, and when this story was in the beginning stages, and Emory was becoming a person in my brain (Does that sound weird? I think it does…), it popped into my head that he absolutely had to work at a run down, one-of-a-kind, diamond in the rough, music store that specializes in Indie/Alternative rock.

Since Indie/Alternative happens to be my favorite genre of music (funny how that works…lol), and Emory is quite the expert, he agreed he help me out today and put together a little release-day playlist of some of his favorite bands. I hope you enjoy!

Emory’s playlist

1. Placebo, Bright Lights

2. IAMX, Spit It Out

3. Blood Red Shoes, Don’t Ask

4. Ladytron, Destroy Everything You Touch

5. School of Seven Bells, iamundernodisguise

6. M83, Midnight City

7. The Duke Spirit, Send A Little Love Token

8. Birthday Massacre, Kill the Lights

9. Death Cab For Cutie, Soul Meets Body

10. Placebo, The Bitter End

So, what’s your favorite music? Do you like buying your music in stores or online? Physical CDs or mp3 format? Do tell!

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11 Responses to “Analyzing Emory– What’s a Release Party without some music?”

  1. SusieQ says:

    Good afternoon, Lily! Have to say, many of those bands I’ve never heard of, lol! My all time favorite band is U2. I also love Adam Lambert’s music, he has amazing vocals! Other artists, it tends to be a song here or there, so lately I’ve been buying mp3′s so I can buy the song I like instead of the whole CD!

  2. Lily Grace says:

    SusieQ– hehe. Most of the music I listen to are relatively small indie bands form the UK/Europe, so I’m not surprised! :) I’m a big fan of U2 as well.

    The chance to pick and choose songs is a big perk to iTunes or mp3 purchases in general. I’m with ya there! I remember buy entire albums because I loved one song, and then ended up hating the rest of them.

  3. L.C. Chase says:

    Hey Lily! Just wanted to drop by and wish you a very Happy Release Day! :-D

    Yay for playlists! I’ve got music going pretty 24/7 around here so am always on the hunt for new stuff. My music collection is highly eclectic, but I’m a rocker at heart. I used to spend hours in record stores, flipping through the albums, then later at the CD listening stations. That’s a whole culture of its own, eh. But these days I’m totally lost to the instant download and being able to buy my fave single song rather than the whole album.

  4. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks for stopping by, LC!!
    I’m still totally old school and love owning the physical CD, but I find myself opting for iTunes more and more because, what can I say? I love instant gratification! lol I’m a music store junkie…. too bad there aren’t that many around anymore…
    Hope you find one or two jems from the playlist. ;)

    P.S. Comments just keep rolling in about the cover. You rock!!! *squishes you!*

  5. andys says:

    Have you been looking at my playlists? :D Ladytron, Blood Red Shoes, M83, I’ve chosen them all myself. Good choices.

  6. Lily Grace says:

    Hey Andrea! I see we are music kindred spirits. :D

  7. andys says:

    We must be! I’m always happy to inflict … er, share my musical tastes with others.

  8. Judi P says:

    Ooh! OMG! I know! independent CD stores and record palces…they’re all gone. The only one I know of now is in Hollywood which is still quite a few miles away from me… It’s so sad. I remember the days when there was a cute independent CD (and DVDs for that matter) Place in every mall and pretty much around every corner. I miss how I could find all the indie and import stuff.. (sigh) Now All we have is a single store called Amoeba. :( So sad. –because best buy sux and their customer service is terrible! They’re always so rude!
    But yes! I LOVE Alternative/Indie/Rock. My Favorite band is She Wants Revenge followed closely by Snow Patrol. :D And I see Death Cab on that list! Yay!! (Placebo too! whoo!) lol.. I shall totally be looking these songs up on Youtube! xD Thanks for the playlist! ~

  9. Lily Grace says:

    Judi– Yay!!! Enjoy the songs! I’m a huge Snow Patrol fan and I like She Wants Revenge as well. We’re definitely musically compatible. ;) hehe. And, SOOOO happy to find another Placebo fan. We’re so rare in the US!! :D

  10. Trix says:

    I guess most people would call my favorite genre “power pop,” though most power-pop bands people know aren’t really my favorites. I love heavy guitars and loud harmonies…Sloan, Redd Kross, Teenage Fanclub, and the Posies are some of my favorite bands. I actually like vinyl records best (always the most fun to collect, and the best sound!), but whether I get CDs or mp3s depends on the price and availability of the recording…


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