Analyzing Emory– Release Party and Giveaway!

January 4, 2013

Hello all!

I’m Lily Grace and I’m thrilled to be holding a release party today for my first novel and first release with Dreamspinner Press, Analyzing Emory. I’ll be sharing some excerpts and a few other goodies throughout the day. Anyone who comments on any of my posts today will be entered to win an ebook copy of Analyzing Emory. Please include your email address in your comment so I know how to get in touch with you.

I’m working at the good ‘ol day job today (I mean, seriously, I don’t get a special book release vacation day?!), and though I have several posts all cued up and ready to go, it’ll probably be later in the day before I have the opportunity to reply to comments. So, thanks in advance for your patience!

I’m beyond excited to be part of the Dreamspinner family and to finally be able to share my book with you all today. I’d like to take a moment to thank L.C. Chase for creating such amazing cover art. It encapsulates all the feelings and elements I wanted in my book cover. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, so thank you so much L.C.!

First off, here’s what Analyzing Emory is about:


When a family friend offers him the job of resident psychologist at Chicago’s GLBT Center, Kyle Michelson jumps at the chance to reinvigorate his career, move on from his recent breakup, and get his life back on track. Kyle hopes returning to the familiar territory of his hometown will do him good, but meeting Emory Brenner at a club changes everything.

Anything but familiar, Emory leaves Kyle breathless from the start. There’s just one problem: Kyle wants more than a one-night stand, Emory doesn’t do relationships, and neither man can resist the other. Luckily for Emory, he never has to see Kyle again. Or so Emory thinks until he runs into him while volunteering at the GLBT Center.

Kyle makes Emory want things he never thought he could have and chips away at secrets Emory has kept locked away for years. On the surface, Emory’s recovered from his past: he has a job at a record store and a roof over his head. But putting his trust in another person, having a relationship, means opening himself to more pain—and that is a risk he can’t take.

The first chapter can be found on the DSP website or on my blog, so I thought I’d start off today by sharing another excerpt. Enjoy!

Excerpt (PG)

Kyle cracked another egg into the mixing bowl and began to whisk vigorously. What the hell did he think he was doing? He shook his head and blew out a gust of air. He was making a delicious breakfast for his one-night stand, that’s what he was doing. It had been hard getting out of bed and leaving Emory still sleeping. Kyle had woken up with Emory still cradled in his arms and realized how much he missed waking up with someone. It also didn’t escape his notice how good if felt with Emory—specifically—in his arms. God, he looked like some sort of beautiful, dark angel while asleep.

Kyle rolled his eyes and scoffed at his own sappy notions. He considered himself a relatively romantic guy, but that was a pretty gooey thought even for him—especially since that thought was directed at someone he just met. Kyle was used to relationships, not random sex. Maybe that was why he had no idea how to do this. He still wasn’t quite sure what came over him last night when he decided to take Emory home. He hadn’t really expected anything when he walked through the doors of Spin, but as soon as he saw Emory he had felt an incredible magnetic pull. He couldn’t have said no. Not to him. Sure, Emory was perhaps the most beautiful man to ever grace Kyle’s sheets, but there was something else. Talk had been relatively limited, but something about Emory intrigued him. Those soulful eyes—he found himself aching to learn more about what was behind them.

As he cut up some veggies, Kyle couldn’t deny he wanted to get to know Emory better. But how did one go from a one-night stand to dating? Maybe he was even crazy for thinking it. He shrugged. Breakfast was as good a place to start as any.

Feelings aside, the sex had been—amazing just didn’t quite seem to cover it. It would be easy to become addicted to Emory’s perfect, lean body and pert ass. There were a few things about the evening that gave Kyle pause, though. Maybe it was all in his head, but Emory had seemed to shy away when things got too tender or intimate. When it felt like they were teetering on making love, Emory had looked almost panicked, quickly getting on his hands and knees and hurriedly prepping himself, effectively shifting things back to simple fucking. Maybe Kyle was reading too much into it. He wasn’t exactly an expert on casual sex. He refocused on dicing the tomatoes.


Kyle somehow managed not to slice his own finger off when Emory’s voice reached his ears. He stood a few steps inside the kitchen. He shuffled his feet and shoved his hands further into the pockets of his now-rumpled skintight jeans from the previous night. His face still had that doughy, flushed, post-sleep glow, and his black hair, now mostly devoid of product, curled ever so slightly below his ears and stood up in one or two odd places around the back of his head. It was all Kyle could do not to drag him back to the bedroom and do further ungodly things to him.

“Good morning. How’d you sleep?” Kyle managed to keep his suddenly raging libido in check and play the part of the good host.

Emory’s eyes widened. “Fine. Your bed’s really comfy.” He gave a small smile and his cheeks seemed to turn even rosier.

Kyle chuckled at that. “Yeah. I know firm mattresses are supposed to be better for your back. But I’ve always liked to sink right in and be surrounded by downy softness.” He smirked. “I can always go to a chiropractor if I have to, but I won’t give up my bed.”

Emory gave a brief smile, and then his eyes flitted toward the door. “Um, well, I better get going. It, um, it was nice to meet you, Kyle.” He ran a hand through his hair and tucked it behind his ear as he began moving hastily in the direction of the front door.

Kyle was frozen for a minute as he processed what was happening. The knife still in his hand clattered against the cutting board, and Kyle followed a swiftly retreating Emory.

“Wait a minute.” Kyle caught up to Emory and gently grabbed his arm before he could reach for the door handle. “Stay for breakfast.”

Emory’s mouth opened and closed, and for a moment he resembled a guppy. “I can’t. But thanks.”

“Do you really have somewhere you have to be?” Kyle gently pushed.

“Well, um, no, I just….” Emory got that panicked look on his face again, and Kyle let go of his arm.

“Don’t worry about it. If you’d rather not, that’s fine. I just¼ I thought it would be nice.” Kyle tried to give him a sincere smile without looking too disappointed.

“It’s not that I don’t want to.” Emory looked surprised at his own words. “I just, I don’t want you to go to any extra trouble. I mean, I certainly didn’t expect….” He trailed off, clearly not knowing how to proceed.

Kyle took a deep breath. He didn’t know how to do one-night stands, and it seemed Emory was a master of them but had no idea what to do the morning after. What a pair they made.

“It’s no trouble. I promise. We both have to eat, don’t we?” One side of his mouth quirked up. “Besides, I’d like you to stay. Really.”

Emory considered this, his lips still parted, his tongue darting out to moisten them. Then he slowly nodded.


“Great!” Kyle beamed and took the liberty of placing his hand on the center of Emory’s back, leading him back to the kitchen.

There were bar stools on the far side of the large granite-topped island that held the range top, and Kyle deposited Emory next to one of them. He had already set the table, but it would be easier for them to talk while he finished up breakfast with Emory sitting closer.

“Are eggs okay?” Kyle peered over his shoulder as he shoved the remaining veggies back in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. “If not, I can make pancakes instead. I also have bagels, cereal, toast¼.”

Emory’s expression was one of bemusement and bewilderment as he perched himself on the nearest stool. “Eggs are just fine.”

“What do you want in your omelet, then? I have tomato, onion, green pepper, and mushrooms. There’s ham and bacon. And either feta or cheddar cheese.” Kyle looked at the little chopped piles, making sure he hadn’t missed any of the choices before looking up again at Emory.

He found his morning companion laughing softly. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“What?” Kyle looked down at the chopped food and back up at Emory.

“I thought you were a psychologist. Do you also moonlight as a brunch chef on occasion?”

Kyle blushed and ducked his head. Maybe he had gone a little overboard. But he loved to cook, and he hadn’t had anyone to cook for in a while.

“I just like to cook. And”—he shrugged—“I’m a big fan of brunch.”

He grinned at the man sitting at his kitchen counter. It was nice to see Emory’s impish smile and wit return. The shock of having “breakfast included” must be wearing off.

“So, what’ll it be?” Kyle wiggled his eyebrows.

“Um,” Emory chuckled. “Tomatoes, mushrooms, feta cheese, and just a little bacon on the side, please.”

“You got it.” Kyle poured some of the beaten egg mixture into the already-buttered skillet. “There’s coffee made and mugs are in the cabinet right above the pot, so help yourself.”

“Cool.” Emory gave him an appreciative smile and slid off his stool in a quest for caffeine.

A few moments later Kyle plated two perfectly formed omelets, added a side of bacon to Emory’s, and carried them over to the table. He placed the coffee pot on a trivet between the two place settings and scanned the table for anything he had missed.

“Wow. This looks so good.” Emory sat down at the table and immediately picked up a piece of bacon with his fingers and took a bite.

Kyle found he was terribly pleased Emory was so appreciative of his efforts in the kitchen. He smiled and sat down himself.

“Do you want juice? I have orange or cranberry.”

Emory swallowed his mouthful of bacon, and Kyle was briefly mesmerized by his bobbing Adam’s apple. “No, thanks. I’m good with just coffee.”

“Okay.” Confident that Emory had everything he needed, Kyle took off his hostess hat and dug into his omelet.

Kyle was amazed how hungry he was this morning. He guessed his impromptu workout the previous evening accounted for it. Images from the previous night quickly flooded his brain, and he swiftly lifted his coffee mug and took a large sip to hide the sudden arousal he worried was written all over his face. He surreptitiously watched Emory eat out of the corner of his eye. Kyle would kill to know what was going through the beautiful man’s head this morning.

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  1. Zanara says:

    Looking forward to this. Congratulations on your first novel.

  2. Amanda says:

    This sounds really good! I loved the excerpt.

  3. SusieQ says:

    Hi Lily and congrats on your book! And I hope you and Dream spinner have a long happy partnership! I can’t wait to read Emory, please count me in the drawing. Will also be checking in throughout the day, I’ll be sleeping to go to my night job, lol
    seritzko AT Verizon DOT net

  4. Marie says:

    Congratulations on your publication! Thank you for the excerpt; I enjoyed it. Please count me in for the drawing. This sounds like a great book! Happy holidays!

    awindandbooks at gmail dot com

  5. theia says:

    This book is in my to buy list. It looks interesting :D I’ll be glad if I can win a copy. It means I can read it earlier than scheduled!

  6. Andrea M says:

    I just got the book this morning (preordered) but wanted to say congratulations. From what I’ve read so far, it looks like a keeper.

  7. Suze says:

    Hi Lily. Congrats on the new book, you are right, the cover is amazing, definitely draws the eye. Have seen the book about the last few days.
    I’ve got a hankering for omelette now reading the excerpt!

    Littlesuze at hotmail dot com

  8. Jess1 says:

    How exciting for you! Congrats on your first novel!
    The omelet sounds so yummy.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  9. Emily says:

    Congrats on the book. I really love the cover of it. It is beautiful.


  10. Urbanista says:

    What a charming excerpt! Congrats on your new publication. I hope you took the day off, in your head, at least!
    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  11. Anita Jennings says:

    Please count me in!!! Sounds like a great story. I expect I’ll fall in love with Emory.

  12. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks so much, Anita! I kinda fell in love with Emory too. lol :)

  13. Lily Grace says:

    Urbanista– Sadly, it was a rather busy day at work, actually! But now I’m home and can focus on what’s REALLY important! :D
    Glad you liked the excerpt!!

  14. Lily Grace says:

    Thank you,Emily!!

  15. Lily Grace says:

    Jess– I made myself hungry a few times while writing this book. hehe
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks so much, Suze! Yes, LC really knocked it out of the park with the cover.

    And, I’ll send Kyle right over to whip you up some brunch. ;)

  17. Lily Grace says:

    Andrea– I’m so pleased! Really hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

  18. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks Theia! You’re definitely entered into the contest. :)

  19. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks very much, Marie! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

  20. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks, Amanda!!

  21. Lily Grace says:

    Thank you, Zanara!

  22. Lily Grace says:

    Thanks, SusieQ!
    Good luck at your night job! Hope you were able to get a little rest!!

  23. Judi P says:

    Oh! I am so excited to read this! It sounds great. Not to mention the cover is so pretty!! lol… Congrats on your first release! XD ahaha! I’m sure i’ll love it!
    Please count me in. :D

  24. Lily Grace says:

    Thank you, Judi! Appreciate you stopping by! And, I have to thank L.C. Chase for the amazing cover art. :)

  25. Penumbra says:

    Congrats and please count me in :)

  26. Rush says:

    I’m thinking I’m late to enter but maybe not? Either way, this sounds like a good reading. Anything that has to do with psychology and therapy, especially where lgbt is concerned is something that always interests me. Thanks for sharing your excerpt!

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