Scourge by Etienne

November 16, 2012

Rodney, Clint and Lucien race against time to solve some crimes and arrest those involved while trying to build a relationship strong enough to survive over distance. Scourge by Etienne, available from Dreamspinner Press.

The Ivory Solution: Book One – The Chronicles of Old Town

When two young men set up an amateur sting to expose a pastor’s pedophilia, they gather plenty of evidence not just of the pastor’s predilections but of something even more sinister.  Out of their depth, they call in FBI experts to investigate.

Meanwhile, Clint Buchalla, investigative reporter for the Washington Ledger, is sent to Atlanta to interview a man about his top-secret study. Clint is so angry at his editor for cutting his vacation short that he gets drunk and winds up in bed with the man he was supposed to interview, Dr. Rodney Poucher. But it’s exuberant grad student Lucien Cormier, Rod’s houseboy with benefits, who really captures Clint’s attention… when he isn’t busy investigating the sharp drop in birth rates in metropolitan Black and Hispanic communities.

Rodney’s findings lead him, Clint, and Lucien to a meeting with the deputy director of operations of the FBI. But they only have so much time to figure out what’s going on and arrest those involved—and for Clint and Lucien to work out whether the spark between them can span the distance between Atlanta and DC.

Length: Novel | Genre: Mystery/Suspense | Series: The Chronicles of Old Town by Etienne | Buy as eBook | Buy as Paperback

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