Yes by Lou Sylvre

July 18, 2012

With renewed determination and mutual love, Luki and Sonny emerge from their coldest winter into a new spring. Yes by Lou Sylvre, available from Dreamspinner Press.

A Vasquez & James Novella

Professional badass Luki Vasquez and textile artist Sonny James have been married for five years, and despite the sometimes volatile mix, they’re happy. From their first days together, they stood united against deadly enemies and prevailed. But now the deadly enemy they face is the cancer thriving inside Luki, consuming his lungs.

As Luki’s treatment proceeds, Sonny hovers near, determined to provide every care, control every thread of possibility just as he does when he weaves. But he can’t control the progress of the cancer or how Luki’s body reacts to the treatment regime. Sonny tries, but Luki dances with cancer alone—until he gets a startling reminder of the miracle of life. With renewed determination and mutual love, the two men emerge from their coldest winter into a new spring day.

Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Vasquez & James Series by Lou Sylvre

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Stay tuned for the release party of “Yes” here on the blog. Lou Sylvre will be online from 4pm EST today!

2 Responses to “Yes by Lou Sylvre”

  1. treasure says:

    Hi Lou I was curious where this fits in is it after Delsyns blues and before Finding Jackie or after Finding Jackie?

  2. Lou Sylvre says:

    Treasure! Hi. I can see your comment but not actually approve it or reply, probably because I didn’t author this post. Anyway, the answer is, after Finding Jackie, and there is probably one more between, tentatively called Parting the Clouds. I actually don’t know if this comment will show here, either, so I’ll post it on my first “party” release, too. ;-) I’m glad you came by!


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