Beholding Beauty by Sam Singer

June 28, 2012

Craig wants more with Dee than his role as escort allows, but is Dee willing to consider something beyond one-night stands? Beholding Beauty by Sam Singer, available form Dreamspinner Press.

Craig Ryan’s modeling dreams crashed and burned on the streets of LA. Still, a man has to eat, and the escort biz pays well, and the sex isn’t bad. Actually, Craig enjoys his new job and benefits. That is, until a client called Dee hires him. Dee is a mystery. He keeps his face hidden and prohibits touching, even when touching his mouthwatering body becomes Craig’s fantasy.

Falling for a customer was never in Craig’s plans. But wrapped inside Dee’s peculiar requirements, there’s a sense of loneliness and pain that strikes deep within Craig, awakening his own need for something more—something with a future beyond one-night stands.

Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary

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