Sex Rites by Brandon Fox

June 8, 2012

Exiled and pursued, the freedom fighters’ quest continues in Sex Rites, third installment of Brandon Fox’s Pledged to Magic series, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Fox Pledged to Magic: Book 3

Victory carries a price. Thane and Ander snatched the promise of immortality from a tyrant’s grasp, but now the zamindar will stop at nothing to regain what he lost. Even the sex magic practiced by Thane, his lover, and his mage initiates is no match for an empire’s legions.

Exiled and pursued, the freedom fighters’ quest for ancient secrets leads them to exotic lands and to Dannel, a young warrior whose fighting prowess is matched only by his frustration. Journeying far into the deepest, most forgotten heart of their lands, Thane, Ander, and their new companions will discover lost truths and a single stunning hope for the future… the hope that may save them all.

2nd Edition — First Edition published by Leyland Publications (January 2001)

Legth: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Series: Pledged to Magic by Brandon Fox (Apprenticed to Pleasure, Conjuring the Flesh, Sex Rites)

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