Wolf’s-own: Koan – Carole Cummings

May 21, 2012

The hardships aren’t over for Fen and Mallick is at his wits end trying to figure out whom to trust while keeping Fen alive. The third installment of Carole Cummings Wolf’s-own series: Koan.

After saving his people, killing the man he once loved, and losing his little sister, Fen Jacin-rei has made his way to Tambalon with his surviving brothers and Kamen Malick. But shortly after arriving, old ghosts resurface, new dangers arise, and Malick tells Fen the gods aren’t done with him yet. Fen now knows he’s a catalyst for Fate and a magnet for Fate’s players, and he’s dangerously close to falling over the edge into insanity. But tracking down the vicious creatures that have been abducting and murdering citizens of Tambalon is just as critical as dealing with past lives and legendary beings. With a threat all too close and a secret he needs to explain, Malick is at odds with those who should be his allies, and no matter how much he wants to protect Fen, it may be more than he can manage when he’s trying to keep them alive.

Genre: Fantasy/paranormal,
Lenght: Novel
Series: Wolf’s-own

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