Chocolate Cupcakes and Mythical Creatures by DeShaun Walker

January 25, 2012

Is there more to Charlie and Caleb’s friendship than meets the eye? Chocolate Cupcakes & Mythical Creatures by DeShaun Walker, available from Dreamspinner Press.

It’s Charlie Foster’s first time away from home, and he’s a long way from Texas at the all-boys boarding school for mythical creatures in England. Luckily he’s pretty good at making friends, one such as the brooding and closeted Caleb Jacobs—and though they are nearly polar opposites, they become inseparable soon after meeting. Even Charlie’s brief fling with a certain werewolf classmate doesn’t drive a wedge between the pair. But is that just because Caleb sees something that Charlie doesn’t?

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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Humor
Length: Novella

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