Sinnerman by Mary Calmes

June 17, 2011

Can Raphael’s love heal the wounds of Jackson’s heart? Sinnerman (m/m) by Mary Calmes, available from Dreamspinner Press.

As a warder, Jackson Tybalt is one of the good guys until he sees the man he loves kissing another. Betrayed and angry, Jackson tempts danger and death, ignoring the pleas of other warders to be careful. It’s a vile mood in which to start a romance, but that doesn’t stop the kyrie Raphael, who more than anything wants Jackson for his very own.

Jackson doesn’t want a hearth, he doesn’t want a lover—he just wants dark and painful, and Raphael will give him what he wants. But sometimes the sins of the flesh are just what a body needs to bandage the wounds of the heart, and Raphael will hide the tenderness he feels for Jackson for as long as the warder wears the guise of the Sinnerman.

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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Length: Novella

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