Visible Friend by K.Z. Snow

April 27, 2011

Will Denny help Chris overcome his addictions and believe in love again? Visible Friend (m/m) by K.Z. Snow, available from Dreamspinner Press

Christopher Borgasian has spent the last seven months painstakingly breaking up with a lover he’s adored for three years: heroin. Now he’s trying to make it on his own—without the drugs, without the family that rejected him for being gay, and, seemingly, without a friend in the world.

The night before Chris leaves a sober-living facility to pursue his uncertain future, a stranger named Denny shows up in his room. From then on, Denny returns whenever Chris needs him the most, always vanishing as mysteriously as he appears. Chris desperately needs emotional and physical intimacy, but who is Denny, really? And can Chris believe in him when it also means believing in unconditional love?

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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Length: Novella

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