A turn down a wrong road

April 13, 2011

I was out with some friends on my way to dinner with some other friends. We were running really late to meet up with everyone and someone insisted they knew a short cut to get to the restaurant. So we took the detour and well we got really lost. Driving around trying to find our way. We happened to pass a cop and stopped to ask him for directions. The cop was gorgeous and funny. He was gracious enough to give us directions and we were on our way. As we drove away I looked out the back window at the cop. The sun was behind him casting him in a glow which made him seem so steady and almost mythical. An idea started to form.

We went to dinner and got the ribbing about our being lost. As everyone chatted and caught up with each other I was still thinking about the cop. I asked the waitress for some napkins and pulled out a pen and started to write. That was the start of detour. Officer Miguel Rodriguez came to me that day because of a wrong turn and a cop who inspired me.

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