An oblivious Professor

April 13, 2011

After my incident with the detour and the cop who helped us out I knew I wanted someone who was totally different than my cop. I already had an idea of the type of series I wanted to create.

I mulled over Detour and wondered who I could pair the cop up with. Then I got an email that made me know who I wanted to pair the cop up with. The email as from an college professor’s who I enjoyed learning from in college. They taught English and I loved writing even then. This professor brought back memories of my college days. Thus Robert Berkus my college professor was born.

So now I had my cop and professor. Detour was on it’s way.

2 Responses to “An oblivious Professor”

  1. Lucia says:

    I love the way an author gets inspiration :P

  2. Lucia – I find it fascinating how stories come about. Just something so random and bam it is a story idea. Love when that happens.

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