Detour Excerpt 1

April 13, 2011

I’ll be sharing a few different excerpts throughout the day.

To start off I want to introduce you to Miguel.

Detour by Talia Carmichael
Now available from Dreamspinner Press
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“Does your wife mind that you have these poker days?” Robert asked.

Miguel frowned, straightened, and looked at him. Robert’s attention was still on the house. When Robert looked at him, there was no guile in his eyes. Miguel stifled a chuckle. He couldn’t believe Robert hadn’t seen his interest. He could clear it up that he was very much into men, but Miguel observed Robert and decided to let him figure it out himself. He couldn’t wait to tell his brothers.

“No wife. It’s just me living here, and I don’t mind.” He winked at Robert.

Robert’s eyes widened, and he licked his lips. Miguel turned away to get the beer, stifling a chuckle. It probably wouldn’t take Robert long to figure out he was queer, but until then, it was going to be interesting. He shook his head. No wonder Robert hadn’t made any advances; he thought Miguel was straight. Miguel lifted the beer, putting it over his shoulder. A moan sounded behind him. He shifted the beer onto the other shoulder, flexing his muscles. Trying for innocence, he looked back at Robert.

“Grab the bags for me. The guys eat through food fast,” he said.

Robert came to him, and he didn’t shift away. Robert grabbed the bags, his body brushing up against Miguel’s. Robert stepped back quickly. Miguel took a breath, inhaling his maleness. Musky man and delicious-smelling cologne filled his senses. Yes, it would be sweet once Robert figured it out. His thoughts filled with all he would do to Robert when he did.

“Miguel, are you okay?” Robert’s voice came as from a distance.

Miguel shook himself out of thoughts that were not helping his already hard erection.

“I’m good.”

The leery look was back on Robert’s face. Miguel didn’t like seeing it at all.

“Hey, why don’t you invite your friend—Alex, I think you said—over to join the game?”

“Are you sure?” Robert asked.

“Yep! The more the merrier, and more money to win.” Miguel started walking to the door.

“Okay. I’ll call after we get inside and see if he’s not busy.” Robert sounded relieved.

Miguel smiled, since Robert couldn’t see him. He read people very well, and he knew he made Robert nervous. Heck, he was sure Robert was also horny. He shifted, trying to ease the pressure on his hard cock. He opened the unlocked door with his free hand and waited for Robert to go in, then chanced a quick pat of that firm ass. Robert jumped, startled, and looked back at him. He smiled innocently and strode inside.

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  1. Nikyta says:

    Lol. Oh, I love those last two lines. ROFL

  2. LOL. Nikyta. Miguel had poor Robert befuddled.

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